Apple Pay – Frequently asked questions

Getting started

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay allows you to use your iPhone, your Apple Watch or your iPad as a payment instrument to pay your lunch or recreational benefit according the same rules as your Ticket Duo card or Edenred card.

What are the compatible devices for paying lunch or recreational benefits with Apple Pay?

Edenred payments can be done with iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple Pay is available on following devices: iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 & iPad mini 4, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro with Touch ID.

How to utilize Apple Pay and does it cost something?

Apple Pay is available free of charge and without subscription for all the users of the Edenred card. To use it, you need to be equipped with a compatible device and to have registered your  card on the “Wallet” app of your iPhone, in the settings of your iPad or on the “Watch” app of your Apple Watch (see compatible devices in the previous question).

Which Edenred cards can be added and used with Apple Pay?

You can add and use Edenred card with Apple Pay. Please note, that cards having text “Lounas” or “Virike” on the front side can not be added to Apple Pay.

I already have another payment card registered in Apple Pay, can I still add my Edenred card?

Yes, you can have several payment cards in Apple Pay. You have the opportunity to define one card by default. You can also choose another card before transaction, if you have multiple cards registered to Apple Pay.

How can I register my card in Apple Pay with my iPhone?

Open the “Wallet” app, click “Add a card” then choose “Next” and enter manually the 16 numbers of your Edenred card, your name, the expiry date (month/year) of the card and the cryptogram (3 number safety code) shown on the back of the card. Read and validate the Terms & Conditions. After this step, you have the choice to receive a verification code by email to the address provided at service or by calling to customer service at (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf).

How can I register my Edenred card in Apple Pay with my Apple Watch?

Once your card is registered on the Wallet app of your iPhone, have your Apple Watch ready and unlock it.

  1. Open the “Watch” app on your Apple Watch and select “Wallet and Apple Pay”.
  2. Click on display “Add” next to the Edenred card.
  3. Enter the cryptogram (3 number safety code) shown on the back of the card and click on “Next”. Read and validate the Terms and Conditions.

After this step, you have the choice to receive an email at the address of your account including a verification code to enter or to call our customer care at (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf).

Paying with Apple Pay

Where can I use Apple Pay?

The network is the same as for the Edenred card. You can use Apple Pay at all the locations belonging to Edenred merchant network, which are equipped with a contactless terminal reader (NFC).

In addition to Edenred’s card, can I add other cards to Apple Pay?

Yes, Wallet application can have 8 different cards. Additionally, Edenred card can be added to four different devices e.g. two iPhones and two Apple Watches if card owner has that many devices.

Do I need to sign Apple Pay payments? 

Yes, receipt to be signed is printed out. However, if newest update is not done to payment terminal then receipt might not be printed out.

What are Apple Pay and contactless payment limits?

Payments limits are same as with Edenred card. The Finnish tax authority defines the annual minimum and maximum payment limits for lunch benefit; see the payment limits for the current year from here.

Do I need a PIN/locking code to pay with Apple Pay?

To pay with Apple Pay, we recommend using the TouchID feature that guarantees a high level of security. In case this feature does not work, you can enter your PIN/locking code on your iPhone. iPhone X has a FaceID feature for secure purchases.

Are the rules for using lunch benefit or recreational benefit the same for Apple Pay and for the Edenred card?

With Apple Pay, your mobile is an additional instrument that allows you to use your lunch and recreational benefit. The legislation is still the same regardless for paying with Edenred card registered to Apple Pay or for paying with a plastic card. E.g. receipt need to be signed, benefit is always personal and you can buy one lunch per 6 hours work period.

How to track my transactions with Apple Pay?

The transactions done with Apple Pay are available on Wallet transaction section, your MyEdenred app or in your personal account, in the same way as the transactions you have done with your Edenred card.

Other questions

I have lost my iPhone/My iPhone have been stolen

Go to to use the “Find my iPhone” feature that allows you to delete all your card registered on Apple Pay. From then, your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook Pro will not be able to be used as a payment instrument.

Who should I contact in case of an issue?
  • Device: for any issue related to your Apple device, the Wallet or iCloud, please contact Apple.
  • Card: for any issue related to the registration of your Ticket Due card/Edenred card or the Apple Pay transactions, please contact our customer care Monday to Friday 9:00am-4.00pm at (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf).