Pay with Edenred Pay
lunch, culture and sport


Pay with Edenred Pay
lunch, culture and sport



Download MyEdenred Finland application


Choose merchant and insert the sum


Show payment to the cashier and the payment is ready!

Paying with Edenred Pay mobile application


In MyEdenred application, you can find the nearest merchants, and paying is easy. This is how you pay with Edenred Pay:
  1. Open MyEdenred application
    • If you don´t yet have the MyEdenred Finland app, download it from your application store
    • You can also use MyEdenred with
  2. Start the payment (2 options)
    1. Click the front page map and find a place from there. You can also filter results.
    2. Create new payment and search place by name
  3. Insert the sum and confirm the payment
  4. Confirm Payment again
  5. Show payment to the cashier
  6. Activate the payment


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Frequently asked questions

The place where I want to use my benefit does not accept Edenred Pay mobile payment, what do I do?

You can also use the other mobile payment methods: Google Pay or Apple Pay.  This way you can use your benefit in all the places that have a contactless payment terminal and accept Edenred card payments. 

How do I know where can I pay with Edenred Pay?

You can search places and see under the place what payment methods they accept. The mobile phone icon means that the place accepts Edenred Pay mobile payments.