Wellbeing at work

HRx Saara Tikkanen

Wellbeing is a part of the workday experience and vice versa

Saara Tikkanen, Edenred’s Head of People and Culture I was honored to talk about wellbeing as a part of a working day experience at the HRx event in November 2018. In this blog post I will tell you everything I was talking about in a nutshell. Wellbeing is holistic and individual When it comes to […]

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Saara Tikkanen

Work wellbeing is built everyday

Saara Tikkanen – Edenred’s Head of People and Culture How many times have I heard that it is difficult for an employer to really influence the wellbeing of an employee. That wellbeing is much more than just a sport voucher. In creating employee experience hygiene factors are a bit like a zero-level stuff compared to more […]

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Tutkimustulokset paljastavat: selkeä lounastauko lisää työtehoa

Lunch break improves work efficiency

Having a lunch break is definitely worth it! A recent study shows that regular lunch breaks improve wellbeing at work and affect greatly work efficiency. The best way is to have lunch outside the workplace and this way let go of the work thoughts for a moment. Delicious and healthy lunch is a good way […]

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Henkilöstöedut vaikuttavat työhyvinvointiin

84 % of Finnish people think that fringe benefits have a great effect on well-being at work

Majority of Finnish people think that fringe benefits have a major effect on employees’ well-being and employer’s image. 77 percent of the employees, who replied to the survey, explained that their employer offers them fringe-benefits. The most common benefits at Finnish workplaces are lunch benefit and sport benefit.   Half of the respondents replied that […]

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Recreational benefits – a good way to boost the workday

Employees’ recreational activities are nowadays being supported in almost all of the companies. 81 % of the companies say that they offer their staff recreational benefit in one way or another.   Supporting recreational activities has various positive effects on employees’ wellbeing, such as maintaining employees’ ability to work and improving their general state of […]

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