Change in regulation for contactless payments

Signature no longer needed when making contactless payments with Edenred

Contactless payments made with the Edenred employee benefits card will no longer have to be signed by the cardholder. This applies to contactless payments under 50€ which are made with the plastic Edenred card, or with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The payment terminals will continue to produce a receipt until they have been updated to support the change – but no signature is needed. Please note that the payment terminal update may not be available yet and the update may take some time. If you experience issues with your payment terminals or need help with updating them, please contact your payment terminal provider. Edenred cannot help you with your payment terminal or its updates.


Merchants still need to be aware of the payment method

Please keep in mind that despite the lifting of the signature requirement, the tax administration still mandates that merchants be aware of the method of payment (ie. that the customer is paying with an employee benefits card). The merchant has the right to verify the identity of the cardholder to ensure that he/she is the person entitled to the benefit.


For payments over 50€, additional verification is still needed

Paying with plastic Edenred card over 50€: If the customer is paying with a plastic Edenred card, the card needs to be inserted into the terminal (remember that the Edenred-card does not have a PIN code). Whenever the Edenred card is inserted into a payment terminal a signature receipt will be printed.

Paying with Apple Pay or Google Pay over 50€: If the Edenred benefit is being used via Apple Pay or Google Pay, the cardholder needs to authenticate himself/herself on his/her phone (Fingerprint, PIN code or Face ID) and can then proceed to complete the transaction.


Payments with Edenred Pay are unaffected

If the customer pays using Edenred Pay (MyEdenred application), the payment process works as it always has without any changes.


Some good things to note:

Inserting card into terminal: Whenever the Edenred card is inserted into a payment terminal, a signature receipt will be printed – regardless of the amount of the transaction.

Random checks: Just like for other cards, terminals may randomly request to insert the card even for contactless transactions below 50€.


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