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Delicard® gift card is an effortless way to show appreciation to your employees and partners. The easiest way is to order an electronic eDelicard® straight to the recipient’s e-mail. Delicard® is a perfect gift for any occasion and for anyone. Effortless for you – luxurious for the recipient! 


Show appreciation with Delicard®

All of our Delicard gift cards have a high-quality selection and everyone can find a perfect gift for themselves from the selection. Product selection includes e.g. great kitchen utensils, delicious delicacies, beautiful and timeless design items, and utensils. You can find also quality and well-known brands among the product selection.

Every Delicard® gift card in our gift card selection has their own theme and each card has a top-quality product selection. 96% of our customers are satisfied with Delicard®

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“Delicard has been an easy, effortless and fast way to thank our customers. We have liked that we can personalize the gift cards with our company’s logo and greeting” – Schindler Oy


“We have got good feedback that the gift recipient can choose their own gift from the selection. People have different needs and wants and it is difficult to find a gift that pleases everyone. Delicard fits for everyone.” – Rejlers Finland Oy

Digital eDelicard® is an easy and fast gift

You can also order a digital eDelicard® direct to the recipient’s email address. eDelicard® will be available on the next day after your order.

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