Edenred Massage improves both well-being and efficiency

As the new year is about to begin – how do you thank and reward your employees? Support your employees’ well-being with Edenred’s new massage benefit. The tax-free benefit is a cost-effective investment as healthy and happy employees are efficient employees!

Invest in the well-being of your employees

Regular massage promotes good ergonomics, supports recovery and improves both physical and mental well-being. By offering Edenred’s massage benefit to your employees, you show that you care about their well-being. When staff are feeling healthy and satisfied, they need less sick leaves and are more committed to their work.

The advantages of the massage benefit are undeniable in short and long term. Market leader’s massage benefit has a positive effect on the company’s employer brand and employee engagement. Also when recruiting new employees, a wide selection of employee benefits presents a significant competitive advantage. Moreover, satisfied employees are more likely to stay with the same employer for a longer time.
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Massage relieves muscle pains caused by poor ergonomics while working remotely

Remote working in particular has increased the need for massage among employees. The working environment at home might be faulty in terms of ergonomics. Massage is an effective remedy for muscle pain caused by ergonomic challenges. Regular massages can thus prevent long absences due to, for example, neck and shoulder pains.

Less need for sick leaves means direct savings for the company. More savings are generated when healthy and happy employees are more efficient in their daily work. The massage benefit can also have a positive effect on the workplace atmosphere as employees receive financial support for recovery and relaxation.

Physical work can cause muscle pains that massage helps tackle

It is equally important for those with physical work tasks to regularly get a massage. In addition to challenging and even painful working positions, the use of force and other physical work duties can lead to muscle pain.

Many jobs can involve lifting, loads and other working positions that put a strain on the musculoskeletal system.* Massage helps employees recover from work and maintain their ability to work. Offering Edenred’s massage benefit is thus an excellent way to ensure that workers can complete their tasks in a safe and healthy manner.

The massage benefit can even be offered tax-free

You can order the massage benefit to your employees online. Employees receive activation instructions via email. The benefit is used via the MyEdenred app, on mobile devices.

Offering a massage benefit is not only a cost-effective but also a tax-free choice. For the massage benefit to be tax-free, the benefit must be ‘ordinary and reasonable’. Another prerequisite for the tax exemption is that all employees have access to the benefit. There are no minimum or maximum limits for the usage of the benefit so the whole massage appointment can be paid with it. Edenred’s constantly growing massage network already includes more than 1,200 massage places all over Finland.

As an employer, you can easily manage all Edenred benefits on our Employer Portal.

Kick-start the new year with the massage benefit

Many companies want to encourage their employees to make healthy life choices. Surprise your employees and offer them the Edenred Massage benefit. It is an excellent Christmas present or a happy surprise at the turn of the new year. How do you thank and reward your employees at the start of 2022?

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*Source: The Centre for Occupational Safety. Read more ›


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