Merchant, this is how you receive Edenred Pay mobile payments!

Edenred is a pioneer in mobile payments and we offer are many versatile payment methods. In addition to the lunch and recreational vouchers, Edenred card, and Apple and Google Pay, our benefit users can pay for our partners’ services mobile with the Edenred Pay app in MyEdenred. All our partners can accept Edenred Pay mobile payments.


Edenred Pay mobile payments can be received without a payment terminal

We have received questions about mobile payment and we are happy to inform you that all partners in our network can receive Edenred Pay payments easily and quickly! Edenred Pay is Edenred’s own mobile payment method. Whether the user had a virtual or physical Edenred card, the mobile payment works just as easily for everyone.

Each partner should receive also mobile payments, as Edenred already has a total of half a million employees using our benefits. Most users of our benefits have access to our mobile payment methods. With Edenred Pay, a payment is made with the MyEdenred application via a smart device, and this does not even require a payment terminal from the service provider.


Do you already have an agreement with Edenred but no credentials for the Merchant Portal?

Create IDs to the Merchant Portal easily and quickly here. This will create new IDs for the portal but will keep the existing agreement.

Not an Edenred partner yet, but would like to join?

If you are not yet part of the Edenred network, we look forward to seeing you! Click yourself here, create a contract and become our partner!


Convenient mobile payments from both a partner and customer perspective

Receiving Edenred Pay mobile payments with your smart device is easy. The partner only needs to register to Edenred’s Merchant Portal, where all matters related to our partnership are handled conveniently. In Merchant Portal, our partners can manage and view payment transactions, handle settlements and update their contact information. If you have already registered on our Merchant Portal, you can already accept mobile payments! Read more about receiving mobile payments here ›


Here’s how to receive Edenred Pay mobile payments:

When your customer wants to use Edenred Pay to pay for your services, you will receive a mobile payment as follows:

  1. The customer opens the MyEdenred application and searches your company from a list of service providers or a map view.
  2. The customer enters the amount to be paid.
  3. If the customer’s remaining balance does not cover the entire amount or, for example, the lunch payment exceeds the limits set by the Tax Administration, the customer will have to pay the remaining amount using another payment method. Another payment method can be, for example, another payment card or cash.
  4. The customer confirms the payment and shows you the payment receipt directly from the app. The service is now paid for and the amount will be credited to your account! You can also see all payment transactions from the Merchant portal.


Tips for using the Merchant Portal:

  • If you would like to receive mobile payment notifications in your email as well, select ‘Mobile Payments’ from the menu on the left side of the Merchant Portal. Then select ‘Notification Preferences’ and click on ‘Receive Notifications’. Be sure to specify the email to which you want mobile payment confirmation messages.
  • In addition, it is possible to create separate checkout accounts for the Merchant Portal. This means that, for example, a cashier in a café can track the office’s mobile payments with their own IDs. In this case, the administrator of the partnership agreement does not have to be on call for payment transactions at all locations.
    • Proceed as follows: Log in to the Merchant Portal, select “List of users” from the menu and choose to “Invite a new user”. Enter the new user’s email address, select “Cashier” as the role and send the invitation.


Versatile payment methods increase customer satisfaction

All of Edenred’s employee benefits (lunch, sport and culture, transport, and massage) have Edenred Pay as a payment method, and our massage benefit is only available virtually through Edenred Pay. The benefits are already available to half a million employees of thousands of our client companies.

By offering your customers the opportunity to pay mobile, you also make your daily life easier. You can manage payment transactions and settlements easily and also keep your customers happy. When you join the Edenred network and accept a variety of payment methods, you make it easy for your customers to take advantage of employee benefits. Log in or register to the Merchant Portal, keep your information up to date and start receiving mobile payments. Thank you for your partnership!


If you already have an agreement with Edenred, but no credentials to the Merchant Portal:

Create IDs for the Merchant Portal here. This will create new IDs for the portal but keep the existing agreement.

If you are not yet an Edenred partner but would like to join:

Welcome aboard! Join our network here ›

Learn more about receiving mobile payments here ›


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