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Enjoy experiences – check the instructions for buying tickets

With the recreational benefit, you can enjoy a wide range of different experiences and cultural events, including theaters, concerts, sports events, art exhibitions, and cinemas. To make the purchase of event tickets as convenient as possible, take a look below for instructions.

Buy tickets online


You can buy tickets directly from Tiketti’s online store, and pay for the purchase with an Edenred card. When you buy a ticket from the online store, you will receive the ticket as a pdf file in your e-mail. When you buy a ticket to an event that is payable with a cultural benefit, you will find the Edenred icon in the payment method menu. Please note, that you can only pay for the ticket for your own use. If you buy more than one ticket for the same event at the same time, you can pay for your own ticket with the Edenred card and the rest with another payment method of your choice. Did you know, that you can also buy a gift card for yourself from Tiketti’s online store? In addition to the ticket, you can pay its delivery fee with Edenred card.




You can buy tickets to movies directly from Finnkino’s online store and pay for the purchase with Edenred card. Additionally, you can buy serial tickets for your own use.


Buy tickets at the sales point

You can buy tickets directly from the ticket sales points, which accept Edenred cards as payment (eg Lippupalvelu, Lippupiste, and Tiketti) or book them first online or by phone and then pick them up from the sales point. More detailed instructions for booking and picking up tickets can be found here:

  1. Book the desired ticket on the ticket seller’s website (eg Ticketmaster, Lippupiste and Tiketti) or by phone from the number provided by the ticket seller. – Note, you can pay for tickets directly in Tiketti’s online store with an Edenred card, and get the ticket in your email. 
  2. Pick up and redeem the ticket from a sales point belonging to the Edenred network (see the locations belonging to our network in the location search tool), you can pay for both the ticket and its delivery fee with Edenred. The merchants belonging to our network are ticket sellers’ own ticket sales outlets, R-kiosks (note the info below), Stockmann department stores, and some K-Citymarkets.
  3. Enjoy the experience!


Please note the following before booking and picking up your ticket:

  • The Edenred card cannot be used to pay in the Ticketmaster and Lippupiste online store and the ticket must be redeemed at one of the above locations after booking.
  • You can pay the event ticket and its delivery fee with Edenred. If you do not have enough balance on your cultural benefit, you can use the cultural benefit to pay part and the rest with another payment method.
  • Acceptance of cards and vouchers is always the decision of the merchant, so before picking up a ticket, it is a good idea to check which outlets accept Edenred cards in the search tool.
  • Pay attention to the ticket pick-up date. The last pick-up date may be the same day as the booking.
  • The cultural benefit is a personal benefit provided by the employer, so it is not possible to pay for tickets for friends or family members.
  • Some redemption points may charge for redemption. If another redemption fee is added to the ticket price, the redemption office is responsible for this fee.
  • Please note that cultural events defined by the taxpayer do not include, for example, trade fair entrance fees, cooking classes or wine tastings, or amusement park visits. You can read more detailed instructions from the taxation officer.


Redeeming tickets from R-kiosk

You can book tickets at Tiketti or Lippupiste and pay them with your Edenred card at all R-kiosks. Please note that Virikeseteli® is not accepted as a payment method at R-kiosks. Ticketmaster tickets cannot be purchased at the R-kiosk either. You can also buy some tickets directly from the R-kiosk without reservation. See the R-kiosk website for more detailed instructions.


If you have a question that concerns you, contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you! Contact information for our customer service can be found here.

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