Have you met Edenred Finland? – 5 facts about the company that combines fintech and well-being

If not, now is the time to introduce you to each other! In the end of March I started at Edenred, so over the past summer I have had several occasions to tell about my new employer. Repeatedly I find myself in a situation where, after saying my workplace is Edenred Finland Oy, I see question marks rising like in a cartoon over the head of my conversation partner. The situation often continues with my spouse specifying that it is “that lunch voucher company”, which brightens the face of my interlocutor.

The result of these conversations is this easy-going but informative text where I tell you everything we are in addition to our great product “lounari” !


1. International

Fact number one, we are an international financial technology company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Internationality is reflected in the everyday life of our company in many ways. Our office in Finland employs people of different nationalities and we communicate in the office largely in English. I am sure you will get a smile on your face for our lively Finglish conversations, “if you know mitä tarkoitan.”

In addition to those from other nationalities, internationality is reflected in our daily lives through the Group. The Edenred Group affects strongly in the background in our everyday life, but we are largely able to operate locally within our own culture and market. Lucky us, because trying to fit different cultures in the same mold would be quite difficult. In addition to broader guidelines, the Group’s absolute contribution is materials, projects, events and support for competence development.

I am happy to have learned that an international company, which affects in 46 countries can really be low hierarchy. This is something that is easily taken for granted in the local unit of a global company. Of course, a common line with the Group and certain communication processes must be in place to ensure smooth work, but at the same time we are able to operate very flexibly without rigid structures, which is definitely one of our strengths. We are an active mix of a large group and an agile medium-sized company.

2. Fintech, financial technology

It has been said that financial technology is one of the most promising and fastest growing industries in the world. Creating new opportunities for payment services and meeting customer needs motivates our teams on a daily basis. We are united by the desire to achieve the best results and one of our five values “Passion for customers” means that we are not satisfied until the customer is 100% ready to recommend us. Flexible collaboration between teams ensures that our IT team hears from the customer service side the latest customer wishes to be developed.

One of the best samples from the Covid spring is the high-quality collaboration with Wolt. In this constantly developing area, is of course rapidity, but I noticed that it keeps many of us feeling high-spirited.


 3. A house full of professionals from various fields

Our skilled team consists of about sixty people and we are divided into IT Development, Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and HR teams. The level of expertise is high, and the office is full of people with high standards for the work they do. The role of many in our company is the only one of its kind, because even a colleague working under the same title may have different responsibilities. Because of this, taking responsibility and empowerment is the word of the day.

We recognize that individual experts are not enough, but we understand the importance of teamwork. Big goals are achieved together. When you are surrounded by people who are professionals in their field and who are motivated by their work, it motivates themselves as well. Doesn’t the saying go: Work with the five motivated, you will become the sixth. Over the years, we have made tremendous strides in our services, thanks to professional, courageous and creative teams as well as individuals. In a changing world, development work must be done continuously and staying in the swim is a lifeline.

There are different kind people in our office, but we are like-minded and share common values. We are united by a passion for our own field and a desire to be the best A-class in our own work.

I came across a description of us telling that even though we’re working seriously, we also know how to loosen a tie or knot when needed. I started my work remotely, and I was amazed how well I could get into the culture and work community only through technology. I think it tells about both, good culture and easily approachable people.

 4. Responsible operator

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is well managed by Edenred. Edenred’s mission to make working life better for everyone dates back as far as the 1960s. Commitment to this mission has enabled the Edenred Group to identify key areas of its own CSR strategy: Improving people’s lives, preserving our planet and creating value responsibly. The Group has its own designated unit, which focuses only on promoting responsible business throughout Edenred. Regardless of the size of the company we are in Finland, we can all take part in CSR campaigns that have a global impact.

Outwardly our most visible CSR activities are Idealday and Edenraid, which we also implement in Finland. Idealday is an annual charity campaign where we donate our time to a selected partner. You can read more about the local campaigns from previous years here (in Finnish). Edenraid, on the other hand, is Edenred’s global activity challenge, where we gather miles and thus money for a chosen charity. Read and see a video about 2020 Edenraid on the press release on edenred.com. Idealday in particular has been getting a constantly larger scale and, for example, looking at the summary of the 2020 campaigns, one can be proud that we truly are doing good in local communities.

Edenred has a strong will to work in the fintech industry to develop more ecological solutions and to be at the forefront of driving the changes in the world forward. The most impactful CSR is business development in accordance with the principles of responsibility, although CSR is not competition and every tree planted is a good thing. You can read more about responsibility at Edenred and also about the goals set for the development of operations at edenred.com/our-social-commitments.

To sum up, what I have learned about responsibility at Edenred is that it really is important, and we are truly investing in it. Everyone can be concretely involved in building a more responsible world, both in their own work and through our collective campaigns.

 5. Promoter of well-being

We feel that we act as promoters for Finnish well-being at work. Or rather, we think we promote well-being because “well-being at work” and “well-being at leisure” are practically indistinguishable. Our most prominent products, Lunch, Virike and Transport benefits, promote well-being both at work and at leisure. The benefits offer its users more than the actual benefit: a mindset of comprehensive well-being. As you sure are interested in what this means, I summarized our vision below.

How we see it, pausing during the working days improve energy levels both at work and at home. The most important break is a proper lunch break which interrupts the day’s work in many ways. Both the socialization with colleagues and the filling up our energy stock with healthy food contribute not only to our well-being, but also to our efficiency, when we give our brains a true moment to break away from the work tasks. (Read more about our own use of benefits and our break culture told by our HR Director – only in Finnish)


In addition to lunch breaks, the recreational benefit we have supports recovery from work after working days. The versatile use of what we call Virike benefit offers its user the opportunity to recover or increase activity in everyday life exactly the way they want. Whether you are a passionate athlete, a fitness enthusiast or a lover of culture and music, you can find your own way to use it. When the benefit is offered, it encourages you to stick to dear hobbies or maybe try new things. Many experiences may be the consequence of a person having an incentive and an available benefit from their employer to use according to their own interests. (Nom de plume: A few “fore” shouts on the golf course last summer.)

Now that I talked about the two benefites, let me tell you about also my experience of the third benefit meant for work commute. I have been a sworn supporter of private motoring, but now due to my commute benefit I have changed my car to a train when travelling between Tampere and Helsinki, and if you only knew how my daily step counts are hitting the records. The little everyday exercise coming from walking to places gives a lot to the mind as well as the body, and also saves time for the family, when it is no longer necessary to go for a separate walk after work. I would say efficient use of time at its best.

Psst. You can read more about our popular gift card Delicard on its own website delicard.fi.

Does this sound like the community you would fit in with?

Read about vacant positions on our career site and follow us on social media on Instagram @edenredfinland and on LinkedIn

Text by Vilma Vuorenmaa 08/2020, translation to English and edits with links about 2020 CSR events in 02/2021


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