Lunch benefit can also be used in grocery stores

The takeaway trend has come to stay! Be sure to take a nourishing and restorative lunch break by taking advantage of your money-worth lunch benefit at a restaurant, coffee shop, or grocery store. The grocery stores that are part of Edenred’s network offer a diverse range of fresh and healthy lunch options to the users of Edenred Lounari. Keep these lunch options in mind and take advantage of your Edenred benefit at our network’s selection of grocery stores!


What can you buy at the grocery store for lunch?

The lunch benefit allows e.g. the following purchases from grocery stores within Edenred’s network:

  • portions from the hot food counter
  • salads from the salad bar
  • portions of sushi from the sushi counter
  • meals assembled at the service counter
  • Meals prepared and/or packaged in the store, such as stuffed bread and baguettes

Please note, that the lunch benefit cannot be used to pay for commodities, groceries, food, alcohol, tobacco, or industrially packaged foods. When paying, also remember the annual minimum and maximum limits for the lunch benefit set by the Tax Administration.


Where can I pay with Edenred Lounari?

Edenred’s lunch benefit breaks the working day and gives energy to everyday life and Edenred Lounari is used as a payment method at more than 15 000 lunch locations. Our lunch network includes restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. The places of use for our benefits can be found all over Finland and our network is constantly growing.

Check out our network’s of grocery stores and pay for nutritious lunches from their versatile selections!

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