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Lunch benefit can be used also when working remotely


Working remotely is increasing among knowledge workers now and in the future.


Did you know that the lunch benefit can be used also in grocery stores and for take away?


Remember to have an energizing lunch break even when working remotely. Did you know, that 50% of Finnish employees don’t recover during working day? When working remotely you can for example buy take away meals from restaurants or from grocery stores with Edenred’s lunch benefit. Lunch break will help you to stay efficient during your workday.
Same time you can support your local restaurants during this exceptional time. You can find local lunch spots easily by using MyEdenred map.


Use your lunch benefit to buy lunch from grocery stores, read more

You can use your benefit to buy lunch also from grocery stores, for example:

  • warm meals from the service desk
  • salads
  • filled sandwiches

Check from our places search which grocery stores and restaurants accept Edenred’s lunch benefit.


Buy delicious take-away lunches from restaurants:

  • save time from cooking
  • support your local restaurants
  • you will get a short energizing break by walking to get take away food from your local restaurant


You can use your lunch benefit also to pay for your home delivery costs, read more ›


Use your lunch benefit to pay for your Wolt orders, read more ›


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You can now use your lunch benefit to pay for meal delivery

You can now use your lunch benefit to pay for both meals and delivery costs.

Read more

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