Meet Edenred people – Artsi sells well-being to companies

Our colleague Artjom, better known as Artsi, joined Edenred’s sales team in the spring of 2018. Over the years Artsi has gained experience in both sales and customer relationship management, and understood the importance of employee benefits for companies. Artsi likes to work with people, and he finds it motivating to sell products that have a positive impact on his clients’ well-being.

Selling solutions that improve employees’ well-being

Artsi started working in Edenred’s sales team in the spring of 2018. After graduating from an international business degree program, he had already gained some work experience in marketing and sales. After entering the world of employee benefits, he has become a true sales professional – first in telesales and now as Account Manager in Field Sales.

He likes his sales role at Edenred thanks to the versatile product selection. Artsi sells both Edenred employee benefits and Delicard® gift cards which have become especially popular among corporate customers.

With my customers, we discuss how Edenred’s products could be used to encourage, thank and reward employees in a holistic manner. I usually focus rather on finding tailored solutions than selling specific products”, says Artsi.

The right attitude helps Artsi in his sales role

As Account Manager, Artsi works daily with lots of different people. There is obviously also room for independent work, such as preparing for meetings and reporting. In addition to customer relationship management and new customer acquisition, Artsi works closely with, for example, colleagues from marketing and product management.

I feel like in this role I’m doing a lot more than selling my products. Everything I do is related to the goals of the team and the company more broadly. Edenred’s benefits do have a positive effect on people’s daily lives, which is why my work is especially rewarding,,” Artsi says.

At Edenred, Artsi is known as a friend who always offers his helping hand to colleagues. The open, helpful and social nature helps him succeed in his sales role:

“Sales is all about learning to listen to the customer and building trust. In the end you actually need pretty simple things to create a good customer relationship. I help my customers whenever I can and this hopefully makes them feel that their needs have been taken into account.


Encouraging colleagues are the best part of Edenred’s work community

At Edenred, Artsi appreciates teamwork and good vibes. The company truly makes an effort so that Edenredians have a good time at the office, and even organizes lots of leisure activities. According to Artsi, the positive effects of this can clearly be seen in the daily work at Edenred:

“In our company, people actually know each other. We go for lunches, help each other in the office and remotely, and catch up here and there. At least for me personally, this is a really important thing that has a big impact on my work motivation.”

Artsi mentions one more motivating aspect about his sales role: ““I have always enjoyed achieving targets. It’s a great feeling to close a deal knowing that you are helping people to feel better at the same time!

Would you like to be enable everyday well-being with us? Edenred is regularly looking for new talents. Creating a better everyday life requires long-term, value-driven work ​​– let’s do it together! Take a look at our vacancies or send us an open application. We look forward to hearing from you.

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