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Meet Edenred people – Melisa’s journey from customer service to technology development

Hello, my name is Melisa and I have been part of Edenred Finland team since last September. I started working in our Customer Care unit, where I was immediately introduced to the fast-paced daily life of our efficient team. This role countered some of my preconceptions of the financial sector, which I have seen very rigid and even bureaucratic. Our Customer Care team participates daily in developing our services and products, and it is easy and more than encouraged to bring up your own ideas. Among my daily tasks, I participated in organizing information sessions for our client companies and did some content creation together with marketing.

I believe it says a lot about Edenred, when I moved onto a new role already last December, four months after joining the company. I am currently working as a Digital Customer Care Specialist and I have the main responsibility of the development of our AI technology. In addition, I am responsible of several IT-integration projects in collaboration with other departments.

At the same time, I am finishing my studies at Turku School of Economics. My work and studies support each other well, as my master’s thesis discusses the challenges of technology integration. The ease of combining studies with a full-time job has exceeded my own expectations. This is thanks to my superiors and other colleagues who have made it easy to take in so much new information regarding project management and AI-tools.

My own interests are strongly related to well-being and especially sports, thus they are well aligned with Edenred’s values. If I were to sum up our core business, I would say that we provide turnkey solutions for companies to improve the well-being of their employees. Here, we are not just selling a product, but a comprehensive service to make the everyday life easier for both the company and their employees.

My typical day starts with a meeting with our customer service team, after which I move on to our chatbot Ella’s data analytics. Alongside with tech-development, my role includes a lot of content creation, which aims to serve our three customer segments: companies, merchants and employees in their daily interactions with us and each other. Thus, I collaborate with our Marketing department frequently.

My long-term projects are related to the integration of our IT services with AI. As a business school student, I do not have a lot of prior experience regarding the matter, so I am glad to have several colleagues from various backgrounds helping me. At this point I could also highlight the fact, that we are a large company that operates globally and is headquartered in Paris. To sum up, the projects I work with are done in collaboration with many different departments, which makes my work very interesting.

From all this, one may already conclude that my work is very diverse and requires a proactive approach. When thinking how my business studies have prepared me for this role, I would say that they have given me the ability to think both analytically and holistically of business-related issues. At the same time, the endless group works have trained me to start my career in times like these, where good communication is the key to execute project-based work effectively through various digital channels. While my new role differs from the one of a customer care specialist, I believe that it gave me the proper understanding of how technology, and especially AI, can be integrated in the client surface.

Since my journey in the IT-role is still young, I am very excited about what the future holds and to which direction will FinTech evolve. If this sounds interesting, I recommend looking at our open positions in several different roles. Maybe you could become my new colleague?

See more about us as an employer and our open positions on our career page or continue learning about us with the other posts in our blog, see them all under the category Life at Edenred and couple examples below.

Text: Melisa Mäntylä


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