Meet Edenred People

Meet Edenred people: IT team member Liam developes our services with people values at heart

I am Liam and I come from Vietnam. I came to Finland to study IT in Metropolia in August 2015. I live with my brother who arrived in Finland about a year after me. Out of work, I would love to play sports a lot, but the possibilities are more limited here, so hobbies have changed into games, reading, and movies. While I have lived in Finland, I have tried skiing and skating, two to mention the different winter sports, which are a new important part of my life since moving to Finland.

My story at Edenred

I started as a testing trainee in October 2015. Edenred Finland’s software developer was teaching at Metropolia, where I was studying in his class. He shared a trainee position advert with the students in his class, and I applied, which is how I found my way to Edenred. What got me interested in Edenred as an employer was a nice atmosphere, a nice office, and colleagues. One big plus is the benefits at Edenred.

Before starting at Edenred I had little expectations, mostly I just wanted to learn. Reality has been overwhelming: as an intern and also afterward I learned more here in one month than three months at school (which is the length of one course). At school, everything is very abstract and in theory, but here I got to learn about the work in practice and the social communications linked to it, how to discuss and brainstorm, how to work as a team, and in general together with colleagues act at the working place.

Going back a bit to my time as an intern, I worked with testing at the beginning, which was not the major interest for me. But, I got the position and started the job with quite light experience but great eagerness to learn, and actually both the testing tasks and my actual interest and current job, developing, share the same technical environment.

Maybe after 4-6 months of testing, I started doing developing, for I had the curiosity, willingness and I was eager to learn and more importantly to do it, so I started fixing bugs and improving features for services. Since 2015, my career path has taken me from testing trainee to junior developer, then software developer and now I am working as an application manager.

Your job at Edenred – a typical day at work

In general, I maintain and improve the architecture of our services, and generate specification documents for developments. Also, I am doing my bit for improving internal processes, ensuring security aspects and following best practices in agile methodology. In my position, I am also the system and application owner.

Categorizing my typical working day a little bit, I spend 30 % planning my own and offshore developer team’s work and supporting the offshore developing team, another 30 % I spend in meetings and planning sessions, and the final 40 % is individual work solving tasks and writing different documents, and other tasks.

What is best about your job?

The best about my job is to help others. To be supportive and I have a very good feeling when I am able to help other departments or someone in my team. A software developer is usually the one to develop/write code, but we are more managing and guiding those processes. The important thing for me is that end users get to enjoy the services, I would say customer orientation is one of my main focuses. Most important of our values for me are the ones connected to colleagues: respect and passion for customers are especially important to me.

My job is important because we have to be creative and supportive. We are the department the ideas become reality, problems become solutions; those are the most important part of our job. To be creative and supportive.

Looking into the future, there are a lot of areas to improve in and I am looking forward to improving many things at Edenred and internal processes, also services for end-users. Main thing is to contribute to things to improve and be part of it.

How does Edenred help you take care of you?

Edenred is helping me keep healthy and wealthy, but most importantly: keeping a balance. I value time outside work and relaxing is key to also keep working life going well. There has to be a balance between working life and personal life.

Thanks to my teammates, I can also have relaxing moments while at work. We share laughs and create bonds with teammates. The team is almost like my relatives, we enjoy the way we share our personal lives and make jokes in a way that is only humorous only for us (a lot of inside jokes). We are supportive of each other and help each other to learn, I have been helped by more senior members of my team to learn.

My favorite benefit is lunch because it’s so practical: I need to eat on working days. Personal favorite places to go to are restaurants, and it is not just the benefit but the lunch breaks I enjoy most: to be able to talk with colleagues and about other stuff than work. It affects personal life and helps create connections too.


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