Meet Edenred people – Oona started as a trainee and now works as Marketing Specialist

Our colleague Oona currently works as our Marketing Specialist and shares insights about her career path within Edenred’s marketing team. Edenred is the market leader in employee benefits in Finland, and the company’s 10 000 employees together create a better everyday life for many. The journey from trainee to specialist has entailed a lot of responsibility, but also tons of creative freedom. In her role, Oona works with the marketing and communications of both Edenred’s employee benefits and the Delicard® gift cards. She cooperates with colleagues from various departments on a daily basis.

Internship opened the doors of an international company

Edenred’s marketing team is responsible for the company’s brand awareness in Finland. The headquarters in France establish certain guidelines for Edenred’s marketing and communication activities in the 46 countries of operation but also leave room country-specific creativity.

Our colleague Oona started her career at Edenred as a Marketing Trainee in November 2020. The past year had changed the world in many ways. Oona was finishing her studies and searching for a job after graduation. When Edenred offered her a job in the company’s marketing department, she was extremely happy. Having studied marketing as her major in business school, Oona couldn’t wait to develop professionally and start her marketing career.

Entering the world of fintech at Edenred

Oona directly felt she was an equal member of the team. The internship helped her discover her own strengths in the vast field of marketing and communications. She was especially interested in producing social media content, designing campaign materials, and cooperating with different stakeholders.

“As an intern, I did the same work tasks as the other team members and my ideas were listened to from day one. I learned a lot about how to produce graphic materials and write marketing texts, and was in charge of the production of newsletters. I soon mastered a wide variety of marketing tools and systems. At the end of my internship, I even trained our new colleagues to use them.”


New challenges in a permanent role

After the six months’ traineeship, it was clear to both parties that Oona, a creative and hard-working colleague with a positive attitude, would continue in working for Edenred. She was offered a permanent Marketing Specialist position.

“We openly discussed my wishes and the possible development opportunities. The job offer was a great ending for my internship. I really appreciate flexibility in Edenred’s corporate culture. From the beginning, it was clear that I would work mainly remotely, because I live in Pirkanmaa, two hours away from Helsinki. This was not seen as an obstacle by the management or colleagues. I meet my teammates remotely every day and face-to-face at the office in Vallila every month. Our cooperation is smooth, whether we work remotely or live.”

Following the promotion, Oona has been given even more responsibility. Work days are full of meaningful work tasks and good team spirit. Edenred’s products include various employment benefits and Delicard® gift cards which are well-known in the corporate world. The everyday life of a marketing department includes a wide range of campaigns, seasons and target groups, which means that Oona always has a variety of on-going tasks.

“I work daily with two big brands: I am involved in projects related to the marketing of both Edenred’s employee benefits and Delicard gift cards. Thanks to the varying tasks, I am still learning new things every day.”


The marketing team cooperates with all departments

Oona and her colleagues at Edenred are often involved in global projects and collaboration with Nordic offices or the headquarters in Paris for instance. The marketing team is also in daily contact with other departments in Finland. This is because the launch of new products, stakeholder communication and the overall customer experience, in addition to many other things, affect the daily work of every colleague.

“Marketing projects always affect the work in the other departments, the same way as projects in other departments affect the marketing department. That’s why in my daily work I collaborate a lot with IT, product management and customer service teams, for example. At Edenred, I have truly understood the importance of not only external but also internal communication in the operations of a large company.”

Agile ways of working are very important as the marketing team members are continuously involved in tons of projects. Oona tells about the daily life of the team:

“Our small and energetic marketing team is known for fast action! Everyone who works with us knows that the marketing team always spreads the good vibes. I like the fact that at Edenred you get as much responsibility as you are willing to take.”


Edenred’s values fit Oona’s lifestyle

Oona is pleased with the career opportunities that followed her graduation. It is important for her to work for a company that has a positive impact on the society:

“I can really stand behind Edenred’s values. My national level, competitive sports background and active lifestyle match working for a company that wants to be the enabler of everyday well-being. It is rewarding to promote well-being through my work.

Edenred is constantly recruiting new experts for the IT department, customer service and many other teams with professionals from different backgrounds and countries. Together they enable everyday well-being for half a million employees in Finland. Read more about Edenred as an employer and send in your application!

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