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Meet Edenred people – Vallu exploring the wonders of finance and Finland

I am Valentin, aka. Vallu. Born in Normandy (France) where I spent most of my childhood, and I moved to Britany (still in France) to study. In 2016, I graduated from Rennes School of Business with a Master in Management and a Master of SCience (MSC) in Finance. Following my graduation, I moved to Finland to work at Edenred as an intern in the finance department. At the end of that seven months internship, I moved to Stockholm where I started a job as a Business Controller. After a couple of months in Sweden, I returned to Helsinki to start a permanent position at Edenred. Since July 2017, I have been working at Edenred Finland respectively as Junior Financial Controller, Financial Controller, and Business Analyst.

Outside work, I am a nature lover! I love to spend my time outside (even during the long and dark Nordic winter), either for a walk within the Finnish forests or for a hike in the Norwegian fjords: Nature is inspiring me and giving me a lot of energy!

When I am not outside, I have a book in my hands, always trying to learn new things about the world, like discovering about sociology or psychology. I also like to meet my friends around a beer and discuss our projects, our dreams, and our next traveling plans (as I also love to travel and discover new countries and cities). Je parle francais, I am fluent in English, jag förstår Svenska… and I am trying to learn Finnish! 🙂

Last but not least I am also trying to improve my cooking skills but I still have a lot to learn… 😉

My story at Edenred

To be honest, before starting at Edenred, I did not have any big expectations, as it was my first working experience abroad. I was arriving in a new country, discovering a new culture and a new language: everything was more or less new for me. However, I would say that I was expecting a company that would give me a chance to learn and grow personally as well as professionally but also a company that would also value innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

My first encounter with Edenred was in November 2016 when I was interested in moving to Finland and looking for an internship. During my first visit at Edenred Finland, for the interview, I got the impression of a very young, dynamic and people-friendly company. I did not know the company very well before this interview, even if I knew their main product in France, “Ticket Restaurant”. However, I had the feeling that this company would give me the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, and it would be a very good environment to start my professional career.

A few months after, when I actually started that internship, I realized that my impressions were right: people were not only colleagues, they were also friends, and the company was giving the opportunities to its employees to grow.

Comparing my experience to the expectations I had, I think the reality

overpassed my expectations, that’s why when I got the opportunity to come

back to Edenred after my internship I did not hesitate for one second!

When it comes to my job, I am currently in a transition period between two positions, as I am transferring from being a Financial Controller to a Business Analyst. As a Financial Controller I have different responsibilities that I could split in three categories: controlling, budgeting and developing. I am in charge of following and analyzing the costs at the company level, and then share my analysis with the CFO and the other stakeholders in the company. I also take care of the forecasts of these costs, meaning that I need to discuss with the different departments and understand what their spending plans are for the coming months. The last part, and the most interesting for me, is to be involved in projects either to improve our internal processes or to improve the services provided to our clients. Regarding my new role as a Business Analyst, the main objective will be to design and develop an internal tool that will help to analyze and forecast our business. It would then be shared among the whole company, giving our employees a better overview of our business. This is a really exciting project as it involves not only Finance processes but all the business processes within our company…  A big challenge ahead! 🙂

How does Edenred help you grow your knowledge and expertise on your field?

I would say that there are two aspects. First of all, people matter: I think Edenred is promoting a “work together” culture, meaning that you can always count on your colleagues if you have difficulties in a task or if you just want to learn more about something. For instance, I learn so much from my teammates about my field, such as accounting or tax. Then, I would say that Edenred is also giving you the opportunity to attend trainings that will make you grow and improve your skills in your field (but not only).

I think the best thing about my job is that I get to have a very good overview of our company and its business. At the same time, I also have the opportunity to be part of project teams that are developing new tools and functionalities for our clients: in that way I am not only an observer of the business but an also actor of its success.

Why is Edenred Finland the best place to work for you?

My colleagues are AMAZING, they are making my days! At Edenred you are never alone: you will always find someone to help you to succeed… or someone to go for a drink. I think we have a great team of professionals with different backgrounds and competencies that are working well together towards a common objective: making sure that we serve our clients the best we can. We all know each other very well, and we know how to work together… and party together. Some of my colleagues even became friends that I am often seeing after the working hours.

I would say that our values are truly representing what Edenred is. The entrepreneurial spirit, the imagination and the passion for customers are three values that are driven us every day: we, as a company, always try to explore new business opportunities and make sure that our clients are getting the best of our solutions. We also do that in a simple and respectful manner between us, at Edenred, but also with our clients.

How does Edenred help you develop in a wider perspective and help you take care of your own well-being?

My future at Edenred would be a future in which I continue to have the opportunity to improve my existing skills but also learn new ones, grow both personally and professionally. In the near future, I would like to stay in Finland but then I would also be interested in discovering a new country and a new business model, preferably in one of the Nordic countries.

Talking about well-being, I think having an office on the 8th floor of a building is already an important thing for me to take care of my well-being: I am trying to use the staircases and not the elevator, just to have some exercises during my workday. 🙂

When it comes to our own business, my favorite Edenred employee benefit is most probably the lunch benefit. Why? Because it allows me to have various, good and healthy lunches. It also allows me to take a proper break from work to go to one of the lunch places that we have around our office. I do not have a favorite place, but several favorite places! I would say that the lunch buffet offered at Antell is one of my favorite places, but I also love to go to Bites to have a burger from time to time! 🙂

Interested in taking the next step in your career with us? We would like to know that! So send us your information, for that see our Open positions and apply for the open finance team positions soon, no later than 21.2.2020.


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