MyChoice enables more flexible use of employee benefits

The needs of employees are different and can change quickly. Edenred’s MyChoice is a feature that meets those needs. MyChoice makes it possible for the employee to make a choice, whether to use their benefits for sports and cultural activities, or for public transport and, for example, city bikes

When a company has both Virike and Commuting benefit in use, the employee can easily transfer the balance with MyChoice in real-time from one benefit to another and decide for themselves what the benefit is to be used for. Transfers can be made 5 times within 30 days.

MyChoice automatically takes into account the annual employee benefit limits set by the Tax Administration. (Virike 400€/year and Commuting 3400€/year).

How can an employer take MyChoice into use:

1. If you have both Virike and Commuting benefit in use, contact your Edenred contact person or customer service and we will activate MyChoice for you.

2. If you do not already have the Virike and Commuting benefits in use, it is easy to add a new benefit to your contract. Order a new benefit easily from our website >

3. Adding MyChoice is completely free of charge and there will be no changes to the contract or prices.

Note: The feature cannot yet be added to the pay-by-usage model.

See the detailed instructions for employers >

How can an employee transfer a balance with MyChoice:

An employee can transfer a balance when MyChoice is activated for the company and the employee has activated the cards for both benefits in MyEdenred.

1. Open the menu in the top left corner of the MyEdenred front page and select ‘MyChoice’.

2. Choose from which benefit you want to transfer the balance from, you can change them from the arrows. Enter the amount you want to transfer and press ‘Transfer’. (Please note the annual limits set by the Tax Administration for employee benefits. Virike max € 400/year and Commuting € 3400/year.)

3. Press ‘Confirm Transfer‘ to confirm the transfer between the accounts. The balance is transferred to another benefit in real-time.

See more detailed instructions >



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