Recreational benefits – a good way to boost the workday

Employees’ recreational activities are nowadays being supported in almost all of the companies. 81 % of the companies say that they offer their staff recreational benefit in one way or another.


Supporting recreational activities has various positive effects on employees’ wellbeing, such as maintaining employees’ ability to work and improving their general state of health. Offering employee benefits gives the staff a message that they are being cared for and that their health matters.


In addition to salary, employees increasingly value good work atmosphere and it is important to them to feel comfortable in the workplace. Offering employee benefits is a concrete way to improve the employer image and engage the staff.


Sport and culture benefit offered by the employer is tax free up to 400 €. Companies can offer sport benefit as payment vouchers or as other payment instruments to every employee as much as 400 € a year. A person doesn’t have to pay taxes from this benefit and an employer can deduct the amount in its taxation.


How do companies support the exercising of their staff?


Work communities encourage their employees to exercise in several different ways. For example, exercise days, staff’s sporty competitions, and exercise counselling together with the occupational health care are being arranged in many workplaces.


It is also relevant to extend the support of employee’s exercising to work commuting. Employer can, for example, provide its staff with showers and a bike storage.


Sport benefit is still a popular way to effect employees’ wellbeing. 82 % of the workplaces, which support employees’ exercising, use a sport voucher or another similar payment instrument. This is understandable, because with their own personal benefit, employees can decide what kind of exercise they want to get into.


Companies are investing more and more money in the wellbeing of their personnel. In the year 2017 approximately 226 euros were used to support the exercising of the staff. 10 years ago the amount was 143 euros. Companies have found that investments in exercise improve the wellbeing of the employees, which for one’s part enhances the performance level of the company.


Reference: Henkilöstöliikuntabarometri 2017


Over 9 000 sport places belong to Edenred’s network. These places are located all over Finland and the number of places is continuously growing.

With Edenred card and the Virikeseteli® vouchers your employees will certainly find the forms of exercise and the kind of sport places that fit their needs. Also, card users will automatically have the possibility to use mobile payment, which means that sport and culture benefits can be paid by using MyEdenred-application on the phone.

Does your company lack one of the most popular fringe benefits in Finland? Support your personnel’s refreshment by offering them recreational benefit! Contact us and let’s make it happen!


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