Hyödynnä virike-etu kesän tapahtumiin

Use your culture benefit for events

2022 brings many interesting opportunities to use the culture benefit. The sport and culture benefit is your ticket to countless exciting experiences and events. Thus, it is time to use your Edenred Virike and enjoy culture in 2022!


Virike benefit opens doors to both fairs and virtual events

Last year we saw a significant change in the taxation of cultural benefits. In July 2021, an essential change regarding the taxation of the cultural benefit was put in place, allowing the benefit to be used for fairs and virtual live events. Thus, the Virike benefit can be used to pay entry for fairs of which main purpose is sports or culture. The change makes it possible to enjoy versatile cultural experiences from the comfort of your home, by allowing you to pay a ticket to a real-time virtual event with the benefit.
Purchase tickets to a wide range of events with your benefit

There are no usage limits to the Virike benefit, so a festival or a theater ticket can be fully paid with it. When you purchase tickets with your sport and culture benefit, reserve it first online and redeem it later from R-kioski or the ticket seller’s service point. You can also purchase tickets directly from the ticker seller’s service point without a reservation. In addition, you can pay for event tickets online, if the ticket seller accepts Edenred Virike as a means of payment on its website. You can find more information about buying a ticket here ›.
Let’s make 2022 a year of well-being, together!

Edenred’s tips for using your benefit in 2022:

Culture for 2022
Moomin Ice Cave, Leppävirta 26.12.2021-2022
Punch Up! Resistance & Glitter, several locations 24.1.2022-22.5.2022
Finnish National Ballet: Sibelius, Helsinki 25.2.-14.5.2022
We love Helsinki Vappu dances, Helsinki 30.4.2022
Life After comtemporary circus show, Tampere 25.5.-28.5.2022
Saimaa Art Cave Retriitti: The Mystery of The Ice, Saimaa 1.6.2022-8.1.2023
Festivals across Finland
Rockfest, Hyvinkää 2.-4.6.2022
Punk in Drublic, Turku 8.6.2022
Saaristo Open 2022, Kaarina 9.-11.6.2022
Kotka Open Air 2022, Kotka 10.-11.6.2022
Sideways 2022, Helsinki 16.-18.6.2022
Provinssi, Seinäjoki 30.6.-2.7.2022
Tuska, Helsinki 1.-3.7.2022
Ruisrock, Turku 8.-10.7.2022
Ilosaari Rock, Jonesuu 15.-17.7.2022
Flow Festival, Helsinki 12.-14.8.2022
Blockfest, Tampere 19.-20.8.2022


Enjoy experiences - check the instructions for buying tickets

With the cultural benefit, you can enjoy a wide range of different cultural events, including concerts, sports events as well as art exhibitions. To make the purchase of event tickets as convenient as possible, take a look for instructions on what to consider!

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Using benefits is easy and safe with the MyEdenred app

The MyEdenred app makes it even easier to enjoy employee benefits. Download the app and start using your benefits – Edenred's nationwide merchant network and thousands of new experiences await!

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