Using benefits is easy and safe with the MyEdenred app

The MyEdenred app and its virtual Edenred Pay payment method make it even easier to use the Edenred benefits. Download the app and start using your benefits with your mobile device. Edenred’s nationwide merchant network and thousands of new experiences await!

Activate the card and enjoy your benefits

The MyEdenred Finland mobile application is your ticket to the world of employee benefits. In the app, you can view your account balance and payment transactions, search for locations, and make handy Edenred Pay mobile payment. Welcome to enjoy Edenred’s employee benefits!

Start using your benefits by downloading the app and activating your Edenred card. Enter your personal identification number and the 10-digit serial number (that can be found on the back of the Edenred card or in the info email for your virtual card).

Register, that is, create an account in the app to use your benefits. You are now all set to use your benefits. If you have received a new card to replace an expired or lost card, you can log in to MyEdenred with your existing credentials. Detailed instructions ›

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Easy mobile payments with the app

Edenred Pay is MyEdenred’s own mobile payment method. The app shows you all Edenred merchants, and you can use your benefits with a few clicks only. Whether you pay for massage, exercise or culture, mobile payments are always done the same way.

First, find the merchant either on the map or by searching for the location by name. The map also offers the ability to filter search results by for example the services provided by the merchant and their location. Press ‘Create payment’, enter the amount and confirm the payment. Show the receipt at checkout, activate the receipt and you’re done!
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A smooth and safe user experience

MyEdenred app contains a great amount of personal data as you can use the app like a virtual wallet to make mobile payments. It is important for us that your user experience is as smooth and safe as possible.

Activate the “Remember me” feature and stay signed in for 30 days. To protect your integrity and ensure the security of your sensitive information, the app will now automatically sign you out 30 days after signing in. Security matters are especially important if your mobile device ends up in wrong hands. The automatic log-out every 30 days can prevent long-term app usage by another person in such an unfortunate situation. Activate the ‘Remember me’ feature to avoid logging in every time you open the app!

If you forget your password, you will find a ‘Forgot your password or ID’ link below the log-in screen of the MyEdenred homepage. It allows you to order a password reset link to your email. The email will include your username and a link to change your password. It may take a while for the link to arrive and be sure to check your spam folder as well. If you have problems finding or using the link, you can return to the MyEdenred homepage and reactivate your card using the ‘Activate card’ button. Create a new username and password to sign in to MyEdenred again.

Enjoy Finland’s widest merchant network

Your employer wants to support your well-being by offering you Edenred employee benefits. Take advantage of the valuable benefits and use the practical and safe MyEdenred app.

The Edenred benefits work wherever you go! You can enjoy your benefits in more than 25,000 locations across Finland. Our sport and culture benefit, lunch benefit and massage benefit merchants welcome you all around the country and offer endless opportunities for new experiences and everyday well-being.
Enjoy your employee benefits!
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