Utilize your Virike benefit for events in 2023

Utilize your Virike benefit for events in 2023

The year includes many interesting events around Finland. The sports and culture benefit is your ticket to countless cultural experiences. So utilize your Edenred Virike and enjoy culture in 2023! 

Virike benefit opens doors to fairs and virtual events

The Virike benefit will be available as a means of payment for fairs whose main content is sport or culture, as well as for real-time virtual events. This versatile benefit therefore now allows you to enjoy cultural experiences from home. 

Buy event tickets with the versatile sports and culture benefits

There are no restrictions on the use of the Virike benefit, so for example, you can use it to pay the full amount of a festival or theatre ticket. When you buy a ticket to an event, you should first book it online and then go to an R-Kioski or a ticket sellers' service point to claim it. Alternatively, you can buy your ticket directly from the ticket agent's service point without booking. You can also pay for your event tickets online, if the ticket seller accepts Edenred Virike as an online payment method. For more information on how to buy tickets, click here

For example, use your benefits for these events:

Culture and sport for 2023:

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Summer festival's all around Finland:

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* In Finnish