You can now buy HSL mobile tickets with your Ticket Transport® card

Edenred Finland and HSL have now started a collaboration, which has enabled the purchase of HSL mobile tickets with Edenred’s commuting benefit. Those Edenred customers who are using the Ticket Transport® card are able to purchase tickets with the HSL-application in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

When using the HSL-application the phone functions as the ticket. When Edenred’s commuting benefit card is added to the HSL-application, the card user is able to pay tickets with his mobile phone. Using your commuting benefit via the HSL-application makes daily commuting easy. Paying is easy and fast. The HSL-application works in the Helsinki metropolitan area and you can purchase single tickets, daily tickets (1-7 days) and 30-day monthly tickets with it.

– With the HSL-application, we are able to offer a modern and easy means of payment for our commuting benefit customers in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition to Google Pay and Apple Pay, it is great to be able to offer a new payment method for our commuting benefit customers. The HSL-application strengthens Edenred’s position as the leading employee benefit provider in Finland, states Peter Hiltunen, Managing Director of Edenred Finland.

– We are glad to be able to respond to the wishes of our commuting customers. The most satisfied customers are the ones who are purchasing their tickets with the mobile application, reveals Matias Sarkkinen, HSL sales manager.

It’s easy to start using the HSL-application; it supports iOS 9.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later.


The Commuting benefit and the HSL-application

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