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Bistro O Mat take away

Story from one of our partner restaurant Bistro O Mat

  Take away meals have been extremely popular during this exceptional time. Especially restaurants have been affected with strong restrictions during this spring. One way to cope with the current situation has been to sell take away – one of our partner restaurant Bistro O Mat tells how they started to sell take away meals […]

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Important information for Merchants during coronavirus pandemic

We’ve collected the most important information for you to be aware of during the corona pandemic here. LUNCH BENEFIT MERCHANTS 1. Lunch benefit can be used to pay for meal delivery The Finnish Tax Authority has made a temporary exception to the lunch benefit usage rule. The benefit can now be used to pay for […]

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Join #takeawaytalkoot campaign and we will promote your restaurant to Edenred’s followers

  Join to #takeawaytalkoot -campaign with us by promoting your take-away opportunity as a restaurant – we want to help you out!   While many Finns are working remotely at the moment, the importance of take-away culture is strongly emerging. Some of your customers may not yet know about your take-away opportunities, so advertise it […]

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New features in Merchant portal

We have added new features into Merchant Portal: After logging in there is a view of the reimbursements you have received from Edenred’s voucher & mobile payments (by EdenredPay) To make things more secure and to allow you as an Edenred Merchant to have more control over your business, we have now created user roles […]

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Please check that your name and address are correct!

We will soon release a new a map feature that will allow Edenred users to search for places to use their benefits. As Edenred Merchant, this will hopefully bring you more customers. To help the customers find your business, please check that your company’s information is correct on the Merchant Portal! This is how you […]

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Remember to reimburse expired Virike vouchers

Remember to reimburse Virike vouchers that expired end of 2019, if you haven’t done it already. The validity is marked to the left bottom corner of the voucher. All Virike vouchers that expired on 31.12.2019, Edenred has to receive the latest on Friday 28.2.2020 to be reimbursed. Reimbursement address: Edenred asiakaspalvelu, PL 49, 00511 Helsinki. NOTE! If you are using […]

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Important information for service providers

Dear Merchant, Thank you for this year, we hope that the cooperation with us has been successful. Companies offer lunch and recreational benefits increasingly and we expect a strong growth also for next year. We hope that you can see this positive trend impacting also your business. Please remember to settle the vouchers on time […]

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Important information for Merchants

  Reimburse vouchers on time. Please remember to reimburse vouchers expiring in 2018 on time. The validity of the note is indicated on the left margin of the voucher.     Lunch vouchers, expiring on 31.12.2018, must be returned to Edenred for registration no later than 15.1.2019. We do not accept outdated vouchers that are […]

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Lunch voucher values 2018

In 2018 there are four different values of Lounasseteli™ lunch voucher. Values are €10.40, €9.80, €9.30 and €8.70. If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of a voucher, compare it to a known genuine voucher. Ensure that your employees know about the security features of Lounasseteli™ luncheon vouchers. See tips for recognising safety features […]

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Edenredin ilmaiset markkinointikanavat kumppanille

Merchant, use your free marketing channels

  Does your company have interesting offers or tips that relates to well-being, lunch, sport or culture? If you do, utilize you possibility to advertise, for free! All the merchants in Edenred’s network have the possibility to use our social media channels that reach tens of thousands of people throughout Finland – perhaps new customers […]

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