For merchants

Important information for Merchants

Reimburse vouchers on time Please remember to reimburse vouchers expiring in 2018 on time. The validity of the note is indicated on the left margin of the voucher. Lunch vouchers, expiring on 31.12.2018, must be returned to Edenred for registration no later than 15.1.2019. We do not accept outdated vouchers that are returned after 15.1.2019. […]

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Lunch voucher values 2018

In 2018 there are four different values of Lounasseteli™ lunch voucher. Values are €10.40, €9.80, €9.30 and €8.70. If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of a voucher, compare it to a known genuine voucher. Ensure that your employees know about the security features of Lounasseteli™ luncheon vouchers. See tips for recognising safety features […]

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Palveluntarjoja, hyödynnä Edenredin ilmaiset markkinointikanavat!

Merchant, use your free marketing channels

Does your company have interesting offers or tips that relates to wellbeing, lunch, sport or culture? If you do, utilize you possibility to advertise, for free! All the merchants in Edenred’s network have the possibility to use our social media channels, that reach tens of thousands people throughout the Finland – possibly new customers to […]

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