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We are Edenred Finland, the leading fringe benefit company in Finland and partner for many Finnish companies in promoting wellbeing at work. Our selection consists of lunch-, sports and cultural-, and commuting benefits. Our mission is to enable wellbeing both at home and at work, and because “you gotta know what you sell” – we truly invest in our own employees’ wellbeing.

Open positions at the moment:

Full Stack Developer – FI: “Pätevä Koodari”

Do you want to have a meaningful job? Would you like to develop applications related to wellbeing? Do you want to see your applications used by tens of thousands of people in Finland on a daily basis? Edenred Finland is looking for a developer to work with Lounas, Virike and Transport services on voucher, Master Card, Mobile Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We are a Fintech company with well-defined secure SW development processes. What also makes us special, is our combination of being both local and international. We are a good size of 65 people in Finland. Small enough to know all the faces in the office, but with the support of Edenred group behind us, enabling us to provide things like Apple Pay and Google Pay to our customers, and to make investments to develop to stay at the forefront of changes in the Fintech sector. We have, especially in the IT, modern tools and approaches to facilitate and guide our work.


Your responsibilities

You will be part of a team of architect, developers, service designer, QA, project managers, etc. Most local, some remote. You have what it takes to take the lead in development of your application as we want in-house developers who own the code-base. To do that you are excellent in your communications to other developers and team members. You can either be more backend or frontend oriented, but you can handle both sides to manage code quality of applications. You see the value of well-defined software processes and you contribute to further improve it.


What you ideally have

  • A few years of experience in developing software,
  • Good communication skills in English,
  • Knowledge of REST API design and HTTP,
  • The ability to write clear and maintainable code,
  • Experience in Agile software development,
  • Security of the applications in mind.

You have worked or are familiar with some of these technologies:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, and .Net Core, Xamarin,
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database engine and writing queries in T-SQL,
  • Java Script frameworks, especially ReactJS,
  • Version control solutions such as Git or TFS,
  • Windows Servers and IIS.

It helps you to get started if you already know TeamCity, Burp suite, JIRA, Confluence, RAML and Swagger, but this is not necessary.


What we offer

We offer you competitive salary, lunch, recreational, and transport benefits and good health insurance. In addition to our newly renovated and modern office at the heart of Vallila, you will be part of friendly, fun-loving, and international team of professionals.
At Edenred you will be more than your job title. You can do and think wider, enabling you to expand your skills and knowledge. You are included in decision making and your ideas and suggestions are valued and used, not put in the bottom of a desk drawer. Our flat hierarchy and focus on improvement mean that you can also move things forward yourself. Entrepreneurial spirit and imagination are part of our core values and embody the way we do things.


Who we are

To describe a little bit the community you would be part of, under one roof we have all the teams: IT (including operations and projects), sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and HR. So here you would be able to see the impact the products and services you develop have in real life. What all Edenredians unconditionally share, is the respect towards each other and towards our customers, whom we truly care about. We are diverse group of people and yet there is flexibility and understanding for individual life situations.


“Edenred is a great platform for personal and professional growth. You learn to think wider, be creative and proactive. But the thing I appreciate the most are the people I work with. Great team of professionals that can work together toward the goals, celebrate each other success, support in challenges and always have fun. If you want to have a team you can bond with, Edenred is a place to be.” Veronika Vallen, Project & Process Manager


“We have ‘hyvä pössis’. And real coffee.” – Toni Ikonen, Operations Specialist


Did we catch your attention?

Send us your application letter and CV with your salary request by using the apply link. You can write your application in English or in Finnish, voit siis hakea myös suomeksi. Any questions can be answered by our IT Director, Ari Peltoniemi p. 050 58 29 628.


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Laadunvalvoja (QA) testaajaharjoittelija

Laadunvalvoja (QA) testaajaharjoittelija


Oletko yksityiskohtaisen silmän omaava, älykäs tuleva laadunvalvojaspesialisti? Haluaisitko kehittää taitojasi innovatiivisessa työyhteisössä ja toimia laadunvalvojan oikeana kätenä merkityksellisissä projekteissa? Liity kansainväliseen ja ketterään tiimiimme Helsinkiin!

Etsimme iloiseen joukkoomme harjoittelijaa auttamaan tuotteidemme, verkkopalveluidemme sekä -sivujamme testaamisessa. Tehtävä sisältää manuaalista funktionaalista testaamista ja automaattista testaamista skripteillä.


  • Verkkosivujen, verkkopalveluiden sekä mobiilisovelluksen manuaalinen ja funktionaalinen testaaminen
  • Testitapauksien kirjoittaminen
  • Automaattinen testaus testiskripteillä

Onnistumisen edellytykset:

  • Tarkka silmä yksityiskohtiin
  • Tehtävään soveltuva tutkinto (käynnissä tai suoritettu)
  • Innokkuus oppia uutta
  • Taidot seuraavista ohjelmista: .NET, C#, työskentely API-rajapinnoissa, SQL ja JS katsotaan eduksi
  • Työlupa Suomessa
  • Hyvät tiimityötaidot
  • Kommunikoit sujuvasti englanniksi

Tarjoamme sinulle:

  • Näköalapaikan kehittyvässä kansainvälisessä yrityksessä
  • Mahdollisuuden kehittää ammattitaitoasi yhdessä projektipäällikön, designereiden ja muiden kehittäjiemme kanssa
  • Rennon ja nuorekkaan työyhteisön, hyvän ilmapiirin ja kivat kollegat
  • Lounas-, Virike- ja Työmatkaedun sekä kilpailukykyisen harjoittelupalkkauksen
  • Mukavan toimiston Vallilassa hyvien kulkuyhteyksien päässä


Edenred Finland on Suomen johtava työsuhde-etujen tarjoaja. Kehitämme ratkaisuja organisaatioiden toiminnan tehostamiseen ja työntekijöiden hyvinvoinnin edistämiseen. Tarjoamme modernit korttiratkaisut tärkeimpiin henkilöstöetuihin; liikunta-, kulttuuri-, lounas- ja työmatkaetuun. Lisäksi tuotevalikoimaamme kuuluvat maksusetelit lounas- ja virike-edulle.


Lähetä hakemuksesi CV:n kera tästä. Kerrothan hakemuksessasi, kuinka pian voisit aloittaa tehtävässä.


Applying to Edenred Finland and our recruiting process

When you have found an interesting open position with us and decide to apply for it, please use the link to access the recruiting portal Solaforce and send us your application and CV. You can upload multiple documents at a time by holding down the CTRL-key while choosing the documents. Please note your documents should preferably be PDF-files and they should include all the relevant information related to the position you are applying for in a concise manner.

In your application we appreciate you telling us why you are interested in us specifically, why you want to work at Edenred Finland and what you would bring with you to our community. It is good to call the recruiting manager; it creates a stronger impression and improves your chances in the recruitment process. It is best to prepare a few sharp and relevant questions to ask our manager.

You will get an automatic confirmation by e-mail a few minutes after submitting your application, confirming that we have received it. We will always get back to you on the outcome of the recruitment in a couple of weeks. We aim to finish our recruitments as soon as possible.

In every recruitment it is genuinely important to us that you are fit for us and we are fit for you. We aim for perfect matches. In our opinion that is the best culture-based recruiting.

If you didn’t find an open position matching your career wishes, please let us hear from you and send us your open application.


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