Edenred announces malware infection

Edenred announces that on November 21, 2019 it was subject to a malware infection on its information technology systems. Edenred is working hard in getting the operations back to normal.

Upon detection of the malware infection, Edenred immediately implemented countermeasures to prevent further infection in accordance with Edenred’s established cybersecurity policies.

Edenred is committed to utilizing all available means to protect its operations and customers’ information.

Edenred has started to contact relevant governmental authorities and regulators.


Questions and answers

How does the malware affect your operations?

Our employees cannot access work computers nor our systems. Our customer service is closed, but you can find answers to most common questions on our customer support pages:

Support for employers

Support for employees

Support for merchants

Does the malware affect the payments and accounts?

The attack does not concern monetary transactions.

Do Edenred cards work?

The situation does not influence Edenred card payments, so you can use your card normally.

Can I order employee benefits?

You can order benefits online and manage your orders as usual on Edenred portals.

Can I use MyEdenred, Ticket on-the-web or Merchant portal?

Yes, the situation does not affect these portals and application so you can use them in a normal way.

When does the situation get back to normal?

Our teams and the best experts in the field do everything in order to get the situation back to normal.

Haluatko kuulla lisää?

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