Congratulations, Thank you or simply a Hello! Say it with a Delicard© gift card

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Congratulations, Thank you or simply a Hello! Say it with a Delicard© gift card

Explore gift cards


Flexibility, simplicity, and reliability

The Delicard® gift card is suitable for many occasions. It is a valued gift, a way to thank and reward, easy to purchase, and comes as a traditional card or in digital format. You have a variety of gift cards to choose from and they include dozens of versatile high-quality products. You choose the gift card and its price range, and the gift recipient chooses their gift from the product selection. Show your appreciation with a gift that is suitable for example for employees, customers, and partners. The gift card also serves as a good recognition instead of kick-off events, summer parties, or Christmas parties, for example.

The best gift for the summer

Remember the people who are important to you with a Delicard® Kesä gift card. We have created a high-quality product assortment especially suitable for the summer season, with which you can show your appreciation to every gift receiver in a way that pleases them!


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Make someone’s day with an enjoyable gift

Delicard® Enjoy gift card is perfect for any celebration, thanking, remembering, or rewarding! This gift card has a wide and high-quality product selection with over 30 products. It includes well-known brands, quality kitchen utensils, delicious food products, and beautiful design items. From this selection, every gift recipient finds a product they will enjoy.


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For those who appreciate quality and a wide assortment

The Delicard® Unlimited is our most popular gift card, no wonder! It offers the widest high-quality product selection, e.g. quality kitchen utensils, delicious food products, and beautiful design items – so something for everyone. Every gift recipient is sure to find the perfect product for them.


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Gourmet gift card

The perfect gift card for foodies and gourmet lovers

Delicard® Gourmet -gift card is filled with a wide selection of high-quality delicacies and is the perfect choice for those enjoying delicious gourmet products – both classic favorites and exciting new options. These quality delicacies are delivered directly to the recipients´ home address, fast and appropriately packaged.


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Gift for your international contacts

With the Delicard® Nordic Design gift card, you show your appreciation to your international contacts in EU countries, Switzerland and Norway! The high-quality selection includes timeless and stylish Nordic design products. The price includes delivery.


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Gourmet food gift card

Gift card for premium taste

The Delicard® Premium gift card is a luxurious choice. Only the finest delicacies and the highest quality products and kitchen utensils have been selected for it. The selection is limited, and each product is the result of careful consideration. This gift card guarantees quality, dignity, and elegance.


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Gift card for those who value Finnish design

Delicard® Suomi gift card offers a carefully selected selection of top-quality Finnish design and delicious Finnish delicacies. Timeless design and domestic food products made by Finnish companies and entrepreneurs have been chosen for the selection. Every product and the company behind them has been chosen with a big heart. It’s the perfect choice for fans of Finnish design or for those who take pride in supporting Finnish businesses.


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