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Versatile ways to use benefit

Edenred has card, mobile and voucher options for providing lunch benefit for employees.

Extensive network

Our network covers more than 14.500 lunch places in Finland.

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Why lunch benefit?


  • Lunch benefit is the most popular and respected employee benefit among employees. 96 % of employer believe that lunch benefit increases well-being of personnel and 98 % believe it increases work efficiency.
  • Image of the employer increases positively when lunch benefit is offered for personnel.
  • Having lunch breaks for 4–5 times per week and having them outside of the office if possible, revive already during the workday and influences this way to person’s well-being and efficiency.
  • The research has also examined longer period well-being and impacts of lunch breaks for burnout cases and their prevention. Interviews revealed that effects of lunch breaks could be seen after even a year. Treacherous burnout can’t overtake that easily when employees are having regular lunch breaks. The whole body feels well.
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Edenred’s employer portal 

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