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Versatile ways to use benefit

Edenred has card, mobile and voucher options for providing lunch benefit for employees.

Extensive network

Our network covers more than 14.500 lunch places in Finland.

Why lunch benefit?


  • Lunch benefit is the most popular and respected employee benefit among employees. Hence the employer image increases positively when offering lunch benefit for personnel.
  • According to various studies having lunch breaks for 4–5 times per week and having them outside of the office when possible, revives already during the workday, affecting person’s well-being and efficiency, also preventing treacherous burnout.
  • You can offer lunch benefit either as a fringe benefit or a lunch deduction. Read more about the taxation of employee benefits
  • According to the Finnish Tax Authority the amount of lunch benefit offered for employees is relative to he amount of working days in a month. Furthermore, the Finnish Tax Authority defines the yearly payment limits for lunch single payments. Check the monthly working days


credit_card Card + mobile payment for lunch benefit

  • Managing cards and lunch balance is easy in our Ticket On-the-Web order tool. You also get all the necessary reports for payroll administration.
  • Card functions like a credit card, contactless payment feature is included. Cardholders can add their Edenred card to Apple Pay and Google Pay and pay using their mobile phone’s NFC
  • Employees can keep track of their lunch balance and use mobile payment in MyEdenred application.
  • Place a card contract easily online, we’ll send you the credentials into our order tool.

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note Lounasseteli™ voucher for lunch benefit

  • The original Lounasseteli™ is traditional meal voucher with history dating back to 1974
  • Employees receive one voucher per working day.
  • There are approximately 20 working days each month.
  • You can choose from three different voucher values – €10.70, €10.20 and  €9.10

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Edenred’s Employer portal 

Want to order lunch vouchers? You can order them through our employer portal.

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