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As a leading employer benefit provider in Finland, we partner with companies to improve employee well-being and engagement. Our benefits include lunch, recreational and commuting.

Our benefits work in over 24 000 places in Finland and over 15 000 companies have chosen Edenred to be their partner in improving employee well-being.

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“We wanted to unify lunch benefit practices and get rid of paper. That is why we choose a lunch benefit that works everywhere in Finland, with card or mobile, based on our employee’s preference.”

“We have received lots of compliments about the benefits. Lunch benefit is really easy to utilize where ever you are. With the recreational benefit, it is great that it can be used in either sport or culture – or both.”

“When Edenred launched Apple Pay, we wanted it as a payment method for us. For us, who love technology, it is important that we can pay with a contactless payment or with a smartwatch.”

“Co-operation with Edenred has been smooth and warm-spirited. It has been a pleasure to keep in touch with our own contact person. It is always easy to reach out to them.”