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8 money-worth reasons to join as a Virike partner:


  • No entry or monthly fees: The members of our Virike network pay only a service fee (3.96 %) for payments received through our products
  • Risk-free partnership: If you do not receive payments through us, you will not pay anything for the partnership.
  • Free visibility: We market our partners on our social media channels, websites, and newsletters for free.
  • New customers and cashflow: Our products are used by more than 500,000 employees in Finland.
  • We are a part of the reliable Mastercard network: Our card works on all payment terminals where Mastercard works.
  • Multiple payment methods: Edenred’s employee benefits work with the Edenred card, the MyEdenred application, Google or Apple Pay, and the paper Virike voucher. Choose the most effective ways to receive payments!
  • Management in one place: Automatic card and mobile settlements as well as a voucher Pick-up service make administration effortless.
  • Free Welcome package:When you join, you will receive a comprehensive Welcome Pack with everything you need to get started.

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Frequently asked questions about Edenred Virike partnership

What kind of company is suitable for Virike partnership?

A company that, according to the Tax Administration, offers ordinary sports or cultural activities is suitable as a Virike partner.

The usual physical activity is the so-called participatory exercise. These include e.g. general sports, guided sports (including remote), team sports, and membership fees for sports clubs. Equipment rental is also included in the benefit if it is directly linked to the exercise in question.

Participation in events and occasions related to various fields of art is considered a normal cultural activity. These include museums, theaters, opera, concerts, cinemas, and art exhibitions.

Various wellness services such as physiotherapy, massage, and mindfulness are not covered by Virike. Please note that Edenred’s benefit selection also includes the massage benefit, read more about the massage partnership here ›

What benefits there are in becoming a partner?

We are Finland’s largest provider of employee benefits and our payment methods are widely used. Our network covers more than 30,000 partners and more than 500,000 employees. Our network is growing daily!

By joining Edenred as a Virike partner, you will increase your customer base and cash flow. You will also benefit from free visibility on our channels.

How much does the Virike partnership cost?

The Virike partnership is free of charge for our partners. There are no entry, annual, or monthly fees for the partnership. You only pay the service fee (3.96%) for payments received through us.

The Virike partnership is therefore completely risk-free. If you don’t get a deal through us, you won’t have to pay anything at all.

How do I register to the Virike network?

Joining is easy, free and only takes a moment!

1. Register on our Merchant Portal by creating credentials.
2. Fill in your business information.
3. You will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days after the contract is processed.
4. Receive Edenred payments!

What is the Merchant Portal?

The Merchant Portal is an Edenred partnership management tool where you can track your mobile payments, check your voucher accounts, order a voucher Pick-up service, update your contact information, and much more!

The Merchant Portal is browser-based and is logged in with a username and password that you create when you register as a partner.

How does free visibility and marketing work?

We raise awareness of our Virike partners on all of our digital channels for free. You’ll be part of our popular Merchant search and get visibility in our newsletters and social media accounts. You can also leave various offers for the users of our interests, which are shown e.g. on our website.

In addition, we are happy to write partner reference stories about our partners that will receive special visibility.

What payment methods does Edenred have and how do they work at the checkout counter?

Our payment methods are Edenred card, Virikeseteli, Edenred Pay mobile payment, Google- and Apple Pay.

The Edenred card is Mastercard-based and works on all payment terminals where Mastercard cards also work.

Virike vouchers are made of paper with the value printed on them. You can accept vouchers like any other money, except that no change is given back. Vouchers can be settled using the convenient Pick-up service.

Edenred Pay is a mobile payment made through the MyEdenred app. You can receive these payments without a payment terminal. It does not require additional equipment or cash register integrations, only registration to Edenred network. You can see mobile payments in real time on the Merchant Portal.

Google Pay and Apple Pay are contactless payment methods that work like a debit card, except that it is virtual on the customer’s smartphone. It can be used to pay using the contactless payment feature of the payment method.

Can I accept payments even if I don’t have a payment terminal?

Yes you can! If your business does not have a payment terminal at all, you can accept Edenred Pay mobile payments. Edenred cards also work in iZettle and SumUp.

How do Edenred’s settlements work?

Card payments will be settled to your bank account within 24-48 hours, as with any debit card. Service fees for card payments will be billed to you separately once a month.

With the Pick-up service, Virike vouchers are picked up directly from your office. It is a safe way to deliver your bill, as billings sent through pick-up services are fully insured. We will pay the voucher settlements within five banking days of the settlement arriving at Edenred. A service fee has been deducted from the amount to be paid.

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