What can Whim tickets be used for? How do I add my card to Whim?

Tickets purchased through the Whim app are valid for all single, season and series tickets for public transport in the HSL area - including city bikes!

In addition, the Whim app works in Turku for the Föli single tickets. Please note that taxi services, electric scooters and car rental are not covered by the commuting benefit.

How to add an Edenred Transport card to the Whim app:

  1. Download the Whim app to your phone from your app store
  2. Open the Whim app
  3. Select 'Profile and payments' from the profile menu in the top left corner
  4. Click on 'Payment methods' and add your Edenred Transport card to the app
  5. Your Transport card is now available in the Whim app!
    1. Please note that you may have many different cards in the application. When you buy a ticket, you can select the payment card you want from the list.

After a subscription period paid with Edenred, your subscription will continue to be valid until further notice. Your subscription will be charged monthly to the payment card associated with your Whim account according to the current price list, unless you cancel your subscription before the next renewal date.

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