Accept card payments


 Accept card payments



Why to accept Edenred’s card payments?


  • Edenred’s cards are popular and widely used payment instruments in Finland.
  • You’ll increase clientele by accepting Edenred’s cards as payment instruments.
  • Cards enable secure and effortless payment transactions.
  • Reimbursing is easy and fast.
  • You can accept card payments by joining Edenred’s network. You’ll just need to make the contract once and then you can accept all Edenred’s payment instruments – cards, mobile and vouchers.


Join Edenred’s network


This is how you’ll accept Edenred’s card payments


  • Edenred card has a dual wallet system, one wallet for lunch benefit and the other for sport and cultural benefit. In other words, it has a lunch card and recreational card in one card.
  • Edenred card is a MasterCard based payment card, which functions as any other debit card. The card is personal and a card holder can only pay lunches and sport and cultural services with it.
  • The Finnish tax authority defines the annual payment limits, you can check the current limits here. Recreational benefit does not have payment limits, and the exact sum of the service is deducted from the card.
  • Edenred card can be used to make contactless payments. Additionally, customer can add the card in Apple Pay or Google Pay and do contactless payments with her/his smartphone or Apple Watch.
  • You will receive the money of card payments (within 24-48h) to your account just like if the payment was made with any other debit card.
  • The service fee will be invoiced with a separate invoice once a month.

If you have any problems, please review our Support page for Merchants. There you’ll find also customer service contact details.