How to recognize a genuine voucher?

Lounasseteli™ luncheon vouchers and Virikeseteli® recreational vouchers are convenient and widely used payment instruments. Therefore, it is good to remember certain security points related to vouchers. Different security features are easy to check with a few simple tests:


Lunch voucher selection 2022

Face value 11,30 € 10,70 € 10 €
Taxable value 8,48 € 8,03 € 7,50 €

If you have any doubts about the voucher authenticity, compare it to a known genuine voucher. Ensure that your employees know about the security features of vouchers.

Note! Instruct your employees to verify the checksum for each individual voucher. Ensuring that vouchers are genuine is the responsibility of your company, and Edenred will not settle vouchers whose authenticity has not been verified according to the processing instructions.

Contact us to check the security features!

Do you want to ensure that the Lounasseteli™ luncheon voucher or Virikeseteli recreational voucher is genuine? You can easily check the security features by contacting our customer service. Contact us and we will check the voucher together.

The customer service contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.