Join our extensive
service provider network

Partnership with us will bring in more customers and increase your sales – After all, we already have over 400 000 employees using our benefits.

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Join our extensive
service provider network

Partnership with us will bring in more customers and increase your sales – After all, we already have over 400 000 employees using our benefits.

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Multiple reasons to join our network!

If you are a restaurant owner or you offer sports or culture services join our network now! Joining is free and it will take only few minutes to join.

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1. Increase cash flow and clientele

Edenred cards as well as our vouchers are popular and widely used payment instruments. Over 360 000 employees in Finland use Edenred’s cards, mobile payments or vouchers as a payment instrument.


2. Join for free

We only charge a service fee when we settle services paid for with Edenred’s payment instruments (for our lunch partners we charge also a moderate annual fee). There are no other fees. The contract can be terminated online if for some reason you are not satisfied.
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3. Safe and easy payment traffic

If you do not have a payment terminal you can still accept our mobile payments >
We are part of MasterCard’s trusted network: Edenred card payments are as easy to accept as other MasterCard card payments. Users can also add their Edenred card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and make contactless payments with their phone. Card and mobile settlements are automated and won’t require anything from you. For voucher settlements you can use our secure pick-up service (100% insured).


4. Marketing support

Edenred’s affiliate team sends you a welcome package by post, which includes useful material after you have joined our network.
You can advertise your offers for Edenred’s payment instrument users at Edenred’s marketing channels.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t have a payment terminal?

If you do not have a payment terminal, it is not an issue. Edenred cards work also in iZettle and SumUp. You can also accept Edenred vouchers or Edenred Pay mobile payments.

How do I utilize Edenred’s marketing channels?

You can send us your offer for Edenred users and we will promote it for free in our web page, customer newsletter, and/or social media channels.

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What does Merchant ID in network agreement mean?

Merchant ID is a serial number, which can be found from the Merchant Agreement concerning receiving card payments (e.g. from Nets, Teller, Bambora, Osuuspankki). In case you don’t know your Merchant ID, kindly contact the company that accounts the card payments for you.

How do Edenred’s settlements work?

Card payments
You receive settlements from purchases quickly (within 24–48 hours) to your bank account just like paying with any debit-card. Card payment service fees will be charged from you once a month with a separate invoice.

Reimburse vouchers with Pick-up service
Pick-up service for vouchers will retrieve vouchers straight from your outlet. It saves your money and time and it is also a safe way to deliver vouchers to be reimbursed. Vouchers sent through pick-up service are 100 % insured.

Edenred will handle the reimbursement within five working days after receiving your package to Edenred. Provision has been deducted from the payment. Vouchers delivered during working days before 2 pm are regarded as received during that day. We will deliver new settlement forms regularly, but you may also order more forms from Merchant Portal.

See voucher handling and reimbursement instructions

How do Edenred’s payment instruments work at the cash register?


Edenred card is like any other credit card. Customers can make either contactless payments or insert the card in the payment terminal. As a merchant you have the right to check that targeted payment instruments are used only for meals and services accepted by Finnish Tax Administration.

Finnish Tax Administration defines the yearly payment limits for lunch benefit; in 2021 the minimum sum for lunch benefit card payment is € 6,90 maximum sum is € 10,90. Recreational benefit and transport benefit have no payment limits, the card will be charged the exact sum of the service.


There is a field for the signature on the back of Lounasseteli™ and Virikeseteli® vouchers as some employers may keep track of the usage of the vouchers. The signature or a name on the back of the voucher are not mandatory but you are entitled to check the user’s identity if you suspect misuse of vouchers. Please note, that no change is given from vouchers.

Edenred Pay mobile payments

The customer shows the sum to be paid from his/her mobile phone and verifies the payment at the cash register by marking the receipt as “used”. You may track mobile payments in Merchant portal either in real time or at the end of the day. If needed, you may also cancel a payment from Merchant Portal.

Kindly check the following:

  • Paid sum and company details are correct
  • Timer is active
  • Ask the customer to mark the receipt as used

If you have problems with inserting the mobile payments in your cash register system, please contact your cash register provider.

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