Join our extensive
service provider network

Join our extensive
service provider network

Why 21 000 service providers have joined our network?


  • Ticket cards as well as our vouchers are popular and widely used payment instruments. Over 300 000 employees in Finland use Edenred’s cards, mobile payments or vouchers as a payment instrument.
  • With one contract, you can accept all Edenred’s payment instruments – cards, mobile payments and vouchers.
  • You’ll increase clientele easily by accepting our payment instruments.
    You can also advertise your offers for Edenred’s payment instrument users at Edenre’s marketing channels.
  • Safe and easy payment traffic for cards, easy reimbursing for vouchers
    As an Edenred partner you have an access to convenient Merchant portal, which contains all the functions you need.


If you offer restaurant or sport and cultural services, take full advantage now by joining our network!

It is easy to join our service provider network


  • Fill the contract in Merchant portal
  • After we have processed your contract, you’ll get a verification message and instructions by email
  • Now you can accept Edenred’s payment instruments!
  • Edenred’s affiliate team also sends you a welcome package by post, which includes useful material.


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Our payment instruments are accepted over 14 500 lunch places and over 6 500 recreational places in Finland