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We have launched the awaited massage benefit and want you to help us support the well-being of our customers. Join in now and enjoy free service fees until the end of March 2022!

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Why join Edenred’s massage network?

Increase your cash flow

Partnership with us will bring in more customers and increase your sales – After all, we already have over half a million employees using our benefits.

Risk-free partnership agreement

Our partnership agreement is completely risk-free. You only pay service fees for the actual Edenred Massage charges made.

Quick transactions and settlement of payments

Settlement of payments is easy and quick. You don’t even need a payment terminal to receive virtual payments via Edenred Pay.

Signing up is free!

Joining our massage network is free! If you join in now, you get free service fees until the end of March 2022.

Great exposure

We offer our merchants significant exposure on our website, MyEdenred application’s merchant map, and our social media channels.

Responsible partner

Edenred is a responsible business partner and market leader with over 17 000 trusting clients across Finland.

First steps for Edenred Massage partnership

Great to have you on board with us!

Register from the link below. No sign-up costs or annual fees are included in the Edenred Massage partnership.

If you are already a partner for our other benefits, we still need your details to form a parallel contract for tax purposes. You will also have separate accounts for the Merchant portal.

This is where our journey toward well-being starts!


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Important information regarding the partnership


Edenred Massage partnership includes no sign-up or annual fees. You only pay a 3,96 % + tax service fee for transactions made with Edenred’s payment methods. If you join our massage network now, you get free service fees until the end of March 2022!


After registeration you can relax – you have now joined our network! We will send you additional information via email.

Let’s make a deal!

Join now and you’ll enjoy free service fees until the end of March 2022.

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Frequently asked questions

Is my company a suitable partner for Edenred massage?

If your company offers traditional massage and sports massage for muscle care, relaxation, and recovery, you’ll perfectly fit our network. You can join our massage network even if your company is partnering with us regarding another benefit.

I am already an Edenred merchant. Do I need to register again?

The Tax Administration has defined different usage restrictions for massage benefits than, for example, for sports and culture benefits. Therefore, the massage benefit is separate from our other benefits and how they are used, so there must be a separate contract for it.

Because massage benefit can not be included in your existing contract, we need to register you to our massage network with a new contract. By doing so we are following the instructions set by the Tax Administration.

Can my company provide two benefits simultaneously (e.g. Edenred Virike and Edenre Lounari)?

Yes, and it’s simple! Providing more than one benefit profits you, your customers, and us. The Tax Administration has defined different usage restrictions for massage benefits, that’s why you need a separate contract for it. Separate contracts also mean separate accounts for the Merchant portal.

I’m already Edenred’s massage partner. Why should I make a separate agreement with a massage provider company?

The tax exemption for the massage benefit requires strict compliance with the instructions of the Tax Administration. For this reason, companies must determine in advance the partners to whose services employees can use their massage benefits.

‘’…a massage benefit considered as a recreational activity cannot be arranged without the employer concluding contracts for this service directly with each service provider. It is therefore not sufficient to conclude a contract with the provider of a targeted payment instrument in such a way that the payment instrument is available at all its places of use without a separate agreement with that place.’’ Read more from (Finnish only) Tax Administrations page (kts.

How much does Edenred massage partnership cost for my company?

Edenred Massage partnership includes no sign-up or annual/monthly fees. You only pay 3,96  % + tax service fee for transactions made with Edenred’s payment methods.

The fees you pay to Edenred are not fixed; the amount varies according to your own service prices. Our partnership model is risk-free because you only pay us when you get paid yourself.

What services can you pay for with the Edenred Massage benefit?

Edenred Massage is, as the name implies, a massage benefit that can be used to pay for massage services for muscle care, recovery, and relaxation.

The benefit is therefore intended to be used for traditional and sports massage services for recreational and leisure activities. Physiotherapy or spa services are separate from these, so they cannot be paid for with the massage benefit.

I work as a physiotherapist. Can I join Edenred’s massage network?

You can join the Edenred Massage network if companies offer massage services as defined by the Tax Administration: “The purpose of massage is usually to maintain muscle, recover and relax” (translated).

The massage benefit cannot, therefore, be used, for example, for physiotherapy or spa services, as instructed by the Tax Administration.: “ Physiotherapy is not a massage, but rather physiotherapy usually aims to cure or prevent any injury that has occurred. Physiotherapy provided by the employer is not a tax-free recreational or hobby activity.”(translated) Read more from the Tax Administrations pages (kts.

How do customers know that my company accepts Edenred as payment methods?

Following the instructions of the Tax Administration, you must enter into a service agreement not only with Edenred but also with a company that offers massage benefits to its employees. After choosing you as their service provider, client companies inform their employees where they can take advantage.

How are Edenred payments received, managed and settled?

We have made the partnership and payment management as straightforward as possible for you. Your customers have access to the Edenred Pay mobile payment via the MyEdenred application. This way you can receive payments even without a payment terminal!

Payments can be easily managed and settled on the partner portal, where you can track Edenred Massage payment transactions in real-time and view mobile settlements.

Can I edit my business information afterwards?

You can take care of all matters related to the partnership on the Edenred Merchant portal. There, you can also conveniently update your customer information.