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Merchants’ frequently asked questions

On this page, you will find help and support for merchants.

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Edenred’s partnershipcontract and joining the network

How can I join Edenred’s network?

You can join Edenred’s network in online by creating an account to our Merchant portal.

Join network here

What is Merchant Portal?

Edenred Merchant Portal is a website developed for members of our network, where you can follow received mobile payments in real time, check voucher reimbursements, order a pick-up service for vouchers, update your contact details etc. The website is constantly being developed and we will bring more services for our affiliates.

If you already belong to Edenred’s network, register to the portal.

If you don’t belong to Edenred’s network, join network.

Where can I find my contract number?

You can find your contract number from the Edenred’s invoice or settlement form.

How do I change a billing address or method?

You can change the billing address or the billing method at the Merchant Portal.

How can I change my company information/make changes to the contract?

In the Merchant Portal you may change you company’s search places-, address- and invoicing details.

If your company hasn’t registered to the portal yet, you can register portal

Confidential information, like changing account number or company name, should be done via the form situated at the end of this page.

If you wish to terminate your contract with Edenred, it can be done via the form situated at the end of this page.

What does Merchant ID in network agreement mean?

Merchant ID is a serial number, which can be found from the Merchant Agreement concerning receiving card payments (e.g. from Nets, Teller, Bambora, Osuuspankki). In case you don’t know your Merchant ID, kindly contact the company that accounts the card payments for you.

How do I benefit Edenred’s marketing support?

Did you know that Edenred’s affiliates can utilize Edenred’s marketing channels, like card holders’ mobile application and newsletter? We gladly receive offers and benefits for Ticket cardholders. 

Send your offer

When you send your offer, please include how long the offer is valid (minimum 2 months), the offer price/ discount amount, normal price and the link to your website (if you have one).

Where can I find Edenred’s logos to use on my website?

You’ll find Edenred’s logos and pictures from the image bank

Image bank ›

How can I terminate my contract with Edenred?

If you wish to terminate your contract with Edenred, it can be done via the form situated at the end of this page.

You’ll get a verification of contract termination after we have processed your request. The contract terminates by the terms of agreement in 30 days after the termination notice has been given.  Termination concerns Ticket card, voucher and mobile instruments.

Vouchers that have not been reimbursed must be reimbursed one week (7 days) before contracts ends.

Edenred transactionspayment methods and settlements

How are Edenred payments received, managed and settled?

We have made the partnership and payment management as straightforward as possible for you. Your customers have access to the Edenred Pay mobile payment via the MyEdenred application. This way you can receive payments even without a payment terminal!

Payments can be easily managed and settled on the partner portal, where you can track Edenred Massage payment transactions in real-time and view mobile settlements.

How do Edenred’s payment instruments work at the cash register?


Edenred card is like any other credit card. Customers can make either contactless payments or insert the card in the payment terminal. As a merchant you have the right to check that targeted payment instruments are used only for meals and services accepted by Finnish Tax Administration.

Finnish Tax Administration defines the yearly payment limits for lunch benefit; in 2020 the minimum sum for lunch benefit card payment is € 6.90 maximum sum is € 10.90. Recreational benefit and transport benefit have no payment limits, the card will be charged the exact sum of the service.


There is a field for the signature on the back of Lounasseteli™ and Virikeseteli® vouchers as some employers may keep track of the usage of the vouchers. The signature or a name on the back of the voucher are not mandatory but you are entitled to check the user’s identity if you suspect misuse of vouchers. Please note, that no change is given from vouchers.

Edenred Pay mobile payments

The customer shows the sum to be paid from his/her mobile phone and verifies the payment at the cash register by marking the receipt as “used”. You may track mobile payments in Merchant portal either in real time or at the end of the day. If needed, you may also cancel a payment from Merchant Portal.

Kindly check the following:

  • Paid sum and company details are correct
  • Timer is active
  • Ask the customer to mark the receipt as used

If you have problems with inserting the mobile payments in your cash register system, please contact your cash register provider

How do Edenred’s settlements work?

Card payments
You receive settlements from purchases quickly (within 24–48 hours) to your bank account just like paying with any debit-card. Card payment service fees will be charged from you once a month with a separate invoice.

Reimburse vouchers with Pick-up service
Pick-up service for vouchers will retrieve vouchers straight from your outlet. It saves your money and time and it is also a safe way to deliver vouchers to be reimbursed. Vouchers sent through pick-up service are 100 % insured.

Edenred will handle the reimbursement within five working days after receiving your package to Edenred. Provision has been deducted from the payment. Vouchers delivered during working days before 2 pm are regarded as received during that day. We will deliver new settlement forms regularly, but you may also order more forms from Merchant Portal.

See voucher handling and reimbursement instructions

How can I accept Edenred payments if I do not have a payment terminal?

If you do not have a payment terminal, it is not an issue. Edenred cards work also in iZettle and SumUp. You can also accept Edenred vouchers or Edenred Pay mobile payments.

What to do if payment done with Edenred cards do not work?

If payments done with Edenred cards do not work, please write down the name of at least one Edenred cardholder that had the failed transaction. Then, find out your payment services provider (the one accounting all received card transactions to your account) as well as your business ID (Merchant account). After having all this information, please call our Customer Care (09) 7594 2848 in order to solve the issue.

How to order more settlement forms?

Use the contact form below this page and choose “Material order” as the subject. You’ll receive the settlement forms within 5 business days.

What to do, if payment is taken from the wrong side of the Edenred or Duo card by accident?

Write down customer’s name and their employer’s name as well. After that call Edenred’s customer service and give this information. Then Edenred’s customer service is able to make needed updates. Please note, that you can always call next working day as well, if customer service is closed.

Edenred customer service (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf) is open Monday to Friday at 9 am till 4 pm.

How do I insert the mobile payment into our payment service?

If you are unsure how to insert the mobile payment in your payment service, or if you have other issues with your payment service, please be in contact with your payment service provider.

Massage benefit

Is my company a suitable partner for Edenred massage?

If your company offers traditional massage and sports massage for muscle care, relaxation, and recovery, you’ll perfectly fit our network. You can join our massage network even if your company is partnering with us regarding another benefit.

I am already an Edenred merchant. Do I need to register again?

The Tax Administration has defined different usage restrictions for massage benefits than, for example, for sports and culture benefits. Therefore, the massage benefit is separate from our other benefits and how they are used, so there must be a separate contract for it.

Because massage benefit can not be included in your existing contract, we need to register you to our massage network with a new contract. By doing so we are following the instructions set by the Tax Administration.

Can my company provide two benefits simultaneously (e.g. Edenred Virike)?

Yes, and it’s simple! Providing more than one benefit profits you, your customers, and us. The Tax Administration has defined different usage restrictions for massage benefits, that’s why you need a separate contract for it. Separate contracts also mean separate accounts for the merchant portal.

Merchant portal ›

I’m already Edenred’s massage partner. Why should I make a separate agreement with a massage provider company?

The tax exemption for the massage benefit requires strict compliance with the instructions of the Tax Administration. For this reason, companies must determine in advance the partners to whose services employees can use their massage benefits.

‘’…a massage benefit considered as a recreational activity cannot be arranged without the employer concluding contracts for this service directly with each service provider. It is therefore not sufficient to conclude a contract with the provider of a targeted payment instrument in such a way that the payment instrument is available at all its places of use without a separate agreement with that place.’’ Read more from (Finnish only) Tax Administrations page (kts.

How much does Edenred massage partnership cost for my company?

Edenred Massage partnership includes no sign-up or annual/monthly fees. You only pay a 3,96 % + tax service fee for transactions made with Edenred’s payment methods.

The fees you pay to Edenred are not fixed; the amount varies according to your own service prices. Our partnership model is risk-free because you only pay us when you get paid yourself.

When can I start receiving Edenred payment methods?

After you have registered and activated your partner contract, you are all set! Your company will then appear on the merchant map. Thus, our customers will be able to find you and use their benefit to pay for your services.

What services can you pay for with the Edenred Massage benefit?

Edenred Massage is, as the name implies, a massage benefit that can be used to pay for massage services for muscle care, recovery, and relaxation.

The benefit is therefore intended to be used for traditional and sports massage services for recreational and leisure activities.

I work as a physiotherapist. Can I join Edenred’s massage network?

You can join the Edenred Massage network if companies offer massage services as defined by the Tax Administration: “The purpose of massage is usually to maintain muscle, recover and relax” (translated).

Read more from the Tax Administrations pages (kts.

How do customers know that my company accepts Edenred as payment methods?

Following the instructions of the Tax Administration, you must enter into a service agreement not only with Edenred but also with a company that offers massage benefits to its employees. After choosing you as their service provider, client companies inform their employees where they can take advantage.

Can I edit my business information afterwards?

You can take care of all matters related to the partnership on the Edenred merchant portal. There, you can also conveniently update your customer information.

Merchant portal ›

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