This is how you use your lunch benefit during exceptional times!

See tips on how to use the lunch benefit and start enjoying your refreshing breaks again!

Different ways to use the lunch benefit


Pick up a take-away meal, pay it with Edenred and enjoy your food wherever you want.


Home delivery or Wolt

By ordering food from Wolt or with home delivery directly from the restaurant, you avoid unnecessary contacts! You can also pay the home delivery fee with your lunch benefit.

Instructions on how to use Wolt ›

Grocery store

Edenred can also be used as a payment method at grocery stores, for example at the store’s salad, sushi, and hot food counters.

Read more about using lunch benefit at grocery stores ›

You can check the restaurants or service providers that offer take-away or home delivery from our places search.

Edenred can be used in over 15 000 restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and grocery stores all over Finland.

Take a lunch break also when working remotely – you will recover better from your workday

At the remote office, lunch is easily forgotten and you might end up eating a sandwich by the computer. However, lunch breaks are a big factor in our recovery and endurance at work and they refresh and give extra power for the rest of the day!

4 tips for remote worker’s lunch breaks:

  1. Make a booking for lunch on your calendar for every day.
  2. Save time by utilizing grocery stores’ meals, restaurants’ home deliveries, or by ordering from Wolt.
  3. Eat your lunch elsewhere than your workstation and laptop.
  4. Book a lunch date on a colleague’s or friend’s calendar – get a glimpse of the beauty of a former lunch break remotely!

Wolt <3 Edenred: This is how lunch benefit works with Wolt

You can pay with Edenred’s lunch benefit also with Wolt. Follow the instructions and your benefit is ready for delicious Wolt-orders:

1. Add Edenred as a payment method (for now benefit can be used only in the Wolt’s browser version).

2. Add Wolt credits to your account.

3. Place the order and enjoy!

Read more detailed instructions here ›

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