Questions and answers
due to corona

Questions and answers
due to corona

Frequently asked questions about using the employer benefits


Is it mandatory to sign the receipt when making a purchase with the Edenred card?

We have temporarily waived the requirement to sign the receipt.

The salesperson/cashier needs to be aware that the payment is being made with the Edenred benefit card (and not eg. a bank card or credit card). The tax authority does not require the signature per se, just requires that the cashier is aware that Edenred is being used as the payment method. In addition, the payer should be prepared to show their id if asked to prove that they are the person the benefits card was issued to.

The tax authority now allows delivery fees to be paid with the lunch benefit. Can I use the Edenred card in Wolt, Foodora or ResQ-app?

You can use Edenred to order food from Wolt website. We are actively working with the other food delivery companies in the market to enable payment with Edenred as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

More information how the lunch benefit can be used to pay for meal delivery can be found here.

As a cardholder can I get a refund for my virike purchase, which I was unable to take advantage of (e.g. gym payments)?

Edenred cannot refund payments. Refunds are decided on by the merchant to whom the payment was made to. Please contact the merchant in order to ask for a refund just like any other credit card payment.

I bought event tickets with recreational vouchers, but the event got cancelled. How do I get my money back?

Kindly contact the event organizer to agree about the refund.

Can I use Edenred Virike (sport&culture) benefit for online training?

Yes you can if the merchant accepts MyEdenred mobile payments. You can make the mobile payment with MyEdenred application and the merchant will get an email confirmation of the payment.

Guide for MyEdenred mobile payments

Can I use my benefit if I’m temporarily laid-off?

If you have balance on the card, you can spend that balance during the temporary layoff period – this applies to all types of employee benefits (lunch, Virike & transport).
If you are unsure, please talk to your HR or company’s employee benefits manager.

Are we extending the Virike expiration dates?

The Virike benefit is, in most cases, valid for 2 years.

If you are a beneficiary and your benefit is expiring, we encourage you to use your remaining balance in a way that is possible today even with the corona situation going on. Some ideas include: pay your gym membership or golf club fee in advance, buy a 10x card to some activity and use it later, buy tickets to a music or other cultural event happening later in 2020 or a gift card to use later.

Any unused balance will be returned to your employer according to our terms and conditions.

How can the lunch benefit be used when the restaurants are closed by the government?

Restaurants will be allowed to offer take-away meals and meal delivery. You can use your lunch benefit to pay for these meals and order food from Wolt. The government have mandated the closing of restaurant dining areas until May 30, 2020. Additionally, you can buy take-away meals from grocery stores with the lunch benefit.