You can now use your lunch benefit to pay for meal delivery

The government has closed restaurant dining areas until the end of May, but take-away and food delivery is still permitted. Many restaurants have begun offering take-away and delivery in response to this change.

The tax authority has responded to the situation by temporarily easing the regulations around lunch benefit use: until 30.8.2020, lunch benefit can be used to pay for meal delivery (and not just food).

What does this mean in practice?

Previously, the lunch benefit could only be used to pay for food, and any delivery fee had to be paid for by some other means. Now, you can pay for both the food and delivery with your lunch benefit. Please note that the maximum payment per meal is still 10,70€

Some sample calculations:

  1. The meal costs 6,80€ and the delivery fee is 3€. You can pay the whole sum (9,80€) using your lunch benefit.
  2. The meal costs 10,70€ and the delivery fee is 3€. You can pay 10,70€ using your lunch benefit, and the additional 3€ using some other form of payment.

For more information, visit the tax authority’s website >>

Where can I find a restaurant that offers take-away or delivery?

Edenred’s network of restaurants is Finland’s largest and we have collected a list of resturants that offer take-away here (in Finnish) >>

In addition, you can use our Places Search tool to find a restaurant near you. Just apply the filters: take-away and/or delivery.

How can I order food to be delivered?

You can usually order food either by calling the restaurant directly or via their website. Order the meals that you like, and when paying choose the option to pay upon delivery. If you are using paper lunch vouchers (lounassetelit), make sure that the driver can accept those as some restaurants only accept card payments when making deliveries.

We at Edenred are working on ways to ease payment for meal deliveries – stay tuned for more information on that front.

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