Move from lunch vouchers
to a digital solution

Move from lunch vouchers
to a digital solution

Choose the solution that fits your organization’s needs


Card + mobile

Let your employees choose to pay either with a card or with their mobile device.

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Leave cards behind and go completely digital.

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Feature Voucher Card+mobile Virtual card
Pay using Edenred plastic card No Yes Yes
Pay using MyEdenred No Yes Yes
Pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay No Yes Yes
Time to be up-and-running Mailed via Matkahuolto after the payment has been received Approx. 1 week: cards are mailed out within two business days after placing the order Two business days
Delivery To company address, tracked by Matkahuolto To the company’s or the employee’s postal address (via standard postal delivery) To employee’s e-mail address
Ordering  Order online Order online Order online
Standard fees Delivery fee:
49€ for orders up to 10 000 €
69€ for orders 10 001-20 000€
109€ for orders over 20 001€
Start-up fee:
(no monthly fee)
Monthly fee:
(no start-up fee)
Reporting on usage No Yes Yes


Frequently asked questions

Can I order vouchers in addition to having the card+mobile or the mobile only solution?
Can I have card+mobile for some employees and the mobile-only for others?

Unfortunately this is not possible. All employees of the company must be under the same digital plan.

Can we have only cards and not use the mobile payment at all?

Yes. All those with the card+mobile solution can choose to pay using the card or mobile. The mobile payment option is there if you ever want to try using it.

Do I have to have a smartphone to take Edenred benefits into use?

No, you don’t need a smartphone. If you choose the card+mobile solution, your employees can pay with the card. The card is activated in MyEdenred service, also available in web version

Where can the cards be delivered?

Cards can be delivered to the company’s or the employee’s postal address (via standard postal delivery).


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