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Why is the customer unable to make an Edenred Pay mobile payment?

Do you have the mobile payment option enabled?

If you have already joined our network and therefore signed a contract with us, but have not yet registered on the Merchant Portal, you can do so here. After confirming your registration, you can start receiving mobile payments.

If the Mobile Payments tab is greyed out, the mobile payment option has been disabled on request. If you would like to re-enable mobile payments, please contact our Customer Service team to activate it.

If the above is in order and the customer is unable to make a mobile payment, they should check the following:

  • The card is valid and activated
  • They pay with the right benefit, e.g. you cannot pay for a massage with the Virike benefit (the provider may therefore not be found in the search when a mobile payment is created for the wrong benefit).
  • They have balance at the right benefit (the excess can be paid by another means of payment)
  • If the customer does not have a mobile payment option, they should update the app on their phone and check that they are logged in with a valid Edenred card.