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Why increase well-being with Edenred?

Market leader in Finland

We are already trusted by more than 18,000 business customers. Well-being belongs to everyone – regardless of the size of the company.

The most versatile payment methods

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Edenred Pay, Mastercard card, and traditional vouchers. We are a pioneer in payment solutions.

The widest merchant network

Tens of thousands of our service providers extend all over Finland – from Hanko to Utsjoki.

An internationally known brand

We learn and succeed globally as part of the Edenred group. In this way, we enable the most comprehensive and reliable engagement solutions for companies.

Lunch benefit

The lunch benefit is Finland's most popular employee benefit and Edenred's lunch network is the largest in Finland! A tax-supported benefit is a great way to fill workers' bellies and help them recover.

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Woman eating lunch at a restaurant

Sports and culture benefit

The sports and cultural benefits keep your body and mind refreshed! Virike is a popular way to keep employees moving, there are already thousands of options for using the benefits all over Finland.

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Woman and man working out on treadmills

Massage benefit

The massage benefit is the most relaxing employee benefit in Finland, and our network of thousands of partners doesn't leave a single muscled unsolved! Massage relaxes, recovers, and prevents sick leave.

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Man laying on a massage table having a neck massage

Commuting benefit

The commuting benefit is a choice that promotes the well-being of both the employee and the environment! With Edenred Transport you pay and travel easily, because the benefit can be added as a payment method, e.g. in HSL and Whim applications.

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Dental benefit

The dental benefit makes employees smile! Edenred Dental is a cost-effective way to maintain the overall health of employees and stand out in the employer market.

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A smiling man sits in a chair at the dentist's office

Delicard® gift cards

Show your appreciation in a unique way!

The Delicard® gift cards are made to engage and reward employees, clients, and partners. They are an excellent gift for important moments in people's lives and careers. The gift is truly individual, as each recipient chooses their own from the wide, high-quality product selection.

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Edenred in Finland

We are Finland's leading provider of employee benefits and a pioneer in mobile payments. We offer our customers the most comprehensive engagement and reward solutions – all under one roof. Our product selection includes lunch, sports and culture, massage, commuting and dental benefits, as well as Delicard® gift cards.

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