Payment limits for employee benefits in 2024

Payment limits for employee benefits in 2024

The Tax Administration has defined new annual values ​​for employee benefits. Every year, Edenred also determines the new values ​​of Lunch and Virike vouchers.

The new values ​​take effect on the first day of the year.

Edenred Lounari

The lunch benefit's minimum value is 8,50 € and the maximum value is 13,50 € per working day (minimum value 8,00 € and the maximum value 12,70 € in 2023).

Edenred's Lunch voucher values for 2024 are 13,50 € and 12,80 € (12 €, 12,40 €, and 12,70 € in 2023)

Working day calendar

Hi employer! 

The lunch benefit load values for 2024 will be imported to Edenred's systems on 15.12.2023.

Here you can find instructions and important information on updating the lunch benefit load values!

Edenred Virike

Sports and culture benefit's tax-free limit is 400 € / calendar year per employee.

Edenred's Virike voucher values are 10 € and 5 €.

Edenred Transport 

The commuting benefit's tax-free limit is 3400 € / calendar year per employee.

Edenred Massage 

The massage benefit's tax-free limit is 360 € / calendar year per employee.

Edenred Dental

The dental benefit's tax-free limit is 3000 € / calendar year per employee.


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