Payment limits for employee benefits in 2023

Payment limits for employee benefits in 2023

The Tax Administration has defined new annual values ​​for employee benefits. Every year, Edenred also determines the new values ​​of Lunch and Virike vouchers.

The new values ​​take effect on the first day of the year.

Edenred Lounari

The lunch benefit's minimum value is 8,00 € and the maximum value is 12,70 € per working day.

Edenred's Lunch voucher values are 12 €, 12,40 €, and 12,70 € ​​in 2023.

Working day calendar

Edenred Virike

Not yet confirmed.

Edenred's Virike voucher values are 10 € and 5 € in 2023.

Edenred Transport 

Not yet confirmed.

Edenred Massage 

Edenred's massage benefit tax-free limit is 400 € / year per employee.


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