Receiving Edenred's payment methods

By accepting Edenred's versatile payment methods, you also expand your customer base and can utilize the full purchasing power of your customers.

By accepting Edenred's versatile payment methods, you also expand your customer base and can utilize the full purchasing power of your customers.

Easy to use, receive and make settlements

It's great that you offer your customers a wide range of payment methods! Edenred's comprehensive selection of employee benefits includes the most versatile payment methods on the market, which are also easy for you to manage: Edenred card, Apple Pay and Google Pay, Edenred Pay, and vouchers.

Card payments

Physical payment card

Edenred card works for Lounari and Virike services. Commuting benefit users also have a separate Edenred Transport card.

Mastercard-based Edenred cards work like any payment cards with a chip or contactless payment (taking into account the general contactless payment limit of €50). Our cards work with all payment terminals (including iZettle and SumUp) and payment does not require a PIN code or signature.

Under certain conditions, Edenred cards also work for online payments.

Settlement of card payments

The settlement of card payments is automated, and the settlement does not require any action from you. You will receive a settlement from the broker of your card payments within 24-48 hours, just like paying with any debit card.

Service fees for card payments are billed with a separate invoice once a month.

These are also card payments...

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Apple Pay is a special payment method for iOS devices and Google Pay for Android devices. These payment methods enable card payments with smart devices on all payment terminals that support contactless payment.

Apple Pay and Google Pay can be used to pay for all of our benefits' services. Payments are settled as automatic card payments.

How Apple Pay payments are made

How Google Pay payments are made

Edenred Pay mobile payments

Affordable and effortless

You don't need additional devices or checkout integration, and no card verification commission is charged for payment transactions.

Payment tracking

Payments can be viewed in real-time in the Merchant Portal, you can also turn on email notifications.


In the Merchant Portal, you can view paid accounts and download account reports.

Cancellation of payments

Edenred Pay mobile payments can be canceled within 24 hours of receiving the payment.

Edenred Pay

Edenred Pay is Edenred's own mobile payment method, which allows paying with the benefit directly from the MyEdenred application. With Edenred Pay, you can pay for lunch, Virike, and massage services.

How Edenred Pay payments are made

If you are registered in Edenred's Merchant portal, you are ready to accept Edenred Pay mobile payments.

Are you already part of our network, but not registered on the portal?

Note! If you have separately asked our customer service to deactivate Edenred Pay, please contact our customer service to have it turned on again.

Settlement of mobile payments

Mobile payments are credited to your bank account monthly according to the schedule below. The share of service fees is automatically deducted from the amount paid to you.

  • Payments received 1st-14th day of the month are paid on the 16th day of the month

  • Payments received 15th-31st day of the month are paid on the 2nd day of the following month

You can track mobile payments and settlements in the Merchant Portal.


Lunch and Virike voucher

Vouchers are the most traditional payment method for benefits and are used to pay for lunches and sports and culture services. Vouchers are used like cash but change is not given back.

The values of the vouchers change every year, and their validity can be checked directly in the upper corner of the vouchers.

Settlement of vouchers

The vouchers are to be sent to the specified delivery address for reimbursement. Edenred pays reimbursements within 5 banking days of receiving vouchers. The service fees are automatically deducted from the amount paid to your account.

Postal address:
Edenred Finland Oy, PL 5, 13101 Hämeenlinna

Billing instructions

The Pickup service

We recommend Edenred's Pick-up service for voucher settlement!

The Pick-up service is the safest, easiest, and cheapest way to send your Lunch and Virike vouchers. The 100 % insured service collects the vouchers directly from you.

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