Edenred's Virike voucher and Lunch voucher

Pick-up service

Our voucher Pick-up service makes everyday life easier for Lounari and Virike merchants

Our voucher Pick-up service makes everyday life easier for Lounari and Virike merchants

What is a Pick-up service?

Lounari and Virike merchants can order a Pick-up service for their vouchers. It makes everyday life easier as it guarantees 100 % insured settlement for Lunch and Virike vouchers.

What does this mean in practice? After completing the order form below our partner Matkahuolto collects Edenred vouchers directly from your office at the time of your choice. The price of the service 29,90 €+ VAT is conveniently deducted directly from the amount credited to you.


Pick-up service in numbers

0 €

material costs

100 %

insured service

5 bank days

to get the settlements to your account

1200 vouchers

per packing envelope

1 settlement form

per packing envelope

29,90 €

price of the service

Order Pick-up service

Order instructions

Do you have everything you need?

Matkahuolto's packaging materials

You need packaging envelopes when sending your vouchers with the Pick-up service.

If you are ordering the service for the first time or if you need more packaging envelopes, report the need on the Pick-up service order form by checking 'I need more packaging materials from Matkahuolto' field. The driver will bring you envelopes upon pick-up.

Edenred settlement forms and settlement form pockets

You need settlement forms and form pockets every time you settle Edenred vouchers. We deliver materials to our merchants automatically, but you can order more by contacting us.

Select 'Lunch Voucher' or 'Virike Voucher' as a product, 'Accounts' as a subject, and 'Settlement forms' as an option. Fill out the form carefully and send the request. The materials will be delivered to you within five business days.

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