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Well-being belongs to all of us

Edenred's versatile employee benefit selection opens the doors to well-being moments for you – whether it's a delicious meal that makes you smile, an unforgettable concert, or a winner-feeling workout. Or is your daily life best supported by time on the massage table or an easy transition from place A to place B?

Well-being belongs to everyone–- we make it possible for you.

Lunch benefit

Edenred Lounari works anywhere you are!

The lunch benefit is Finland's most popular employee benefit, which you can use to enjoy cheaper lunches and restorative breaks. A lunch break nourishes, refreshes, and gives energy for the day – whether remotely or at the office, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

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Sports and culture benefit

Edenred Virike is your entry ticket to countless experiences!

Take advantage of the sports and cultural benefits offered by your employer by practicing your favorite sports, enjoying diverse cultural experiences, or trying something completely new.

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Massage benefit

The massage benefit says goodbye to muscle stiffness!

Regular massage promotes ergonomics, supports the health of the body and mind, and relaxes even amid busy everyday life.

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Man having a neck massage at the massage table

Commuting benefit

By taking advantage of the commuting benefit, you are doing good for yourself, your wallet, and the environment.

The commuting benefit is intended for traveling between home and the workplace, but since it is not tied to time or place, you can also use your benefit in your free time.

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Dental benefit

This employee benefit will make you smile!

Dental promotes versatile health and prevents diseases. Whether you have a concrete care need or want to maintain oral hygiene, the dental care benefit meets your needs.
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Delicard® gift cards

With Delicard® gift cards, you can say thank you individually!

Delicard® guarantees a truly individual gift, as each recipient chooses their own from our high-quality, responsible and wide selection. The price also includes delivery of the package to the recipients at the time of their choice.
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Edenred Delicard Unlimited, Congrats and Moments gift cards
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