Summer 2023 festival guide

Summer 2023 festival guide

Hands up if you've been waiting for the 2023 summer festivals! It's well worth the wait - because the summer will be full of festivals again. There's a festival for every summer weekend, in every genre of music from rock to alternative, folk to pop, machine to classical. There's also a festival for burger lovers, wine or brewery beer, art and dance. 

The best festivals for summer 2023 are here - find yours in our summer festival guide!

For many, festivals are the best place to get away from it all and enjoy the Finnish summer. So immerse yourself in the wonderful summer world and the atmosphere that unfolds before you at festivals. Find your own event in our festival guide and claim your tickets with your Virike benefit from Tiketti*, or Ticketmaster for example.

JUNE 2023 

2.-3.6.2023 Hellsinki Metal Horizons -club festival will be held this year for the first time under a new and simplified name at On the Rocks in Helsinki.

Hiljaisuus festival
8.-11.6.2023 The multi-art Silence Festival takes place in the village of Kaukonen in Kittilä.

Rockfest 2023
8.-10.6.2023 One of the biggest rock festivals in Finland will again be held at Hyvinkää Airport.

Sideways 2023
8.-10.6.2023 Sideways will be back at Nordis in Helsinki.

9.6.-10.6.2023 The first ever rock and metal festival in Iisalmi, in the middle of the idyllic Runni landscape.

Saaristo 2023 
9.6.–10.6.2023  The festival features top Finnish artists for two days and this year for the first time on three stages.

St. Olaf Summerfest 2023
9.6.-10.6.2023 Savonlinna's summer opening and the freshest city festival of the summer will take place in Savonlinna's Kirkkopuisto.

Iitin Musiikkijuhlat 
14.-17.6.2023  French chansons, a symphony by the City Orchestra and guest classical composers and artists in Päijät-Häme.

XXL Kesä Mössö 2023
16.6.2023 At the end of the summer party, the Mukkula Event Park will host, among others, Popeda's last concert at Lahti.

Radio Nova Festivaali
16-17.6. 2023 the new Radio Nova festival brings mega-class stars to Helsinki's Suvilahti and retro artists from the 90s. NOTE! You get a Radio Nova Festival ticket with a -25% discount when you pay for your ticket with Virike. You can only get the discount from this Ticketmaster or Tiketti discount link.

LPEHC Fest 2023
16.-17.6.2023 LPRHC Fest, which focuses on alternative music, returns to Lappeenranta's Huhtiniemi after a gap year.

Varjo 2023
16.–17.6.2023 Varjo, a festival of urban music, culture and art, is held for the fourth time in Oulu's Kuusisaari.

Freesi fest
16.6. -17.6.2023  Rock and pop, Lieto, Jams Bar courtyard.

21.-24.6. 2023 The traditional heavier Midsummer celebration will again be held in Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki, over four days.

Himos Juhannus 
22.-24.06.2023 The biggest party of the year in Himos with star artists and bands. 

RMJ 2023  
22.–24.6.2023 Finland's biggest beach party will take place next Midsummer in Rauma, when RMJ brings a big line-up of international names to Otanlahti Beach Park.

Solstice Festival 2023
22.-24.6.2023 Festival at Ruka-tunturi in the midnight sun of northern Finland on Midsummer's Eve, for people who enjoy both music and nature.

Tahko Juhannus 2023
22.-24.6.2023 You will find the hottest afterski of Midsummer in Tahko!

WLS Juhannus Festival 2023
23.-24.6.2023 A versatile event suitable for the whole family.

Haapavesi Folk Music Festival 
29.-1.7.2023 The public is offered three days of musical joy and unique experiences.

Iskelmä Festival 2023 Himos
29.6.-1.7.2023 Three-day festival, during which top Finnish artists take the stage.

29.6.-1.7.2023 Provinssi, one of Finland's largest and longest-running festivals, is organized over three days with a rich lineup of both foreign and domestic artists. 

Iskelmä Festival 2023 Pori
30.6.-1.7.2023 Rock and pop and famous artists in Pori's Kirjurinluoto.

30.6.-1.7.2023 LankaFest, organized in Puolanga's market area, has remained rock/heavy focused since the beginning.

Rotuaari Piknik
30.6.-1.7.2023 The legendary central city garden party will return to Oulu's summer in 2023!

Numminen Piano Festival 2023
30.-2.7.2023 The festival of international jazz and classical music organized for the first time last summer will be continued in the summer of 2023 in Uusimaa in a culturally historic country village idyll.

30.6.-2.7.2023 The traditional Tuska festival will be held again in Helsinki's Suvilahti on the weekend after Midsummer.

JULY 2023

1.7.2023 Finland's largest volunteer-run festival in Järvenpää, where you can get a big dose of rootsy music. 

6.7-8.7.2023 Finland's largest 90's festival Jysäri is celebrated over three days in Himos, Jämsä. 

 6.-8.7.2023 Featuring popular Finnish artists, the 30th anniversary event is located at a familiar spot on the Aurlahti beach in Lohja.

7.-8.7.2023 Memories dressed in music and new and old sung stories. Performed by artists who were already good back then. That's what Ilovaari is. Ilovaari will be celebrated in July 2023 for two days in Ilosaari.

Wanaja Festival 
7.-8.7.2023 Hämpton's pride serves a solid selection of domestic top names in Finland's most beautiful festival area. 

7.–9.7.2023 Ruisrock is one of Finland's leading and oldest cultural events. At the three-day festival, you can enjoy a versatile music and art program as well as high-quality restaurant services in the scenic Ruissalo.

Racecoast Rockin’ Fest #12! 
8.7.2023 At Kisaranta in Tampere Kangasala.

Kuhmo chamber music
9.-22.7.2023, Kuhmo's Chamber Music will play with the 53rd theme Roots and wings. Kuhmo is the 2023 Finno-Ugric capital of culture, which is also part of the summer program. More than 200 compositions in 60 festival concerts, artist and composer meetings, program and instrument presentations, free concerts by course participants and art exhibitions. Kuhmo is filled with music from morning until late at night.

Suomipop Jyväskylä 
13.-15.7.2023 Domestic music will take over Finland for three days when the Suomipop Festival is celebrated in Jyväskylä!

Suomipop Oulu 
13.-15.7.2023 Domestic music will take over Finland for three days when the Suomipop Festival is celebrated in Jyväskylä!

14.-16.7.2023 One of the biggest and most captivating festivals in Finland once again brings big names and interesting discoveries to the public.

Kangasala Fest 
14.-15.7.2023 A new style city festival that is much more than music! Various drinks, wines and foods are tasted at the event. Local and neighboring operators present their products and do their best with their dishes!

20.–22.7.2023 Celebrated in the immediate vicinity of the center of Tampere, Tammerfest brings, as usual, a massive program to the three-day festival.

Tikkurila Festivaali 
20.-22.7.2023 The high-quality Tikkurila Festival will take place next summer in the heart of Vantaa during the best summer festival season. The three-day event celebrated in the Hiekkaharju sports park is the largest city festival in the capital region.

Vauhtiajot Rock & Race Festival 
20.-23.7.2023 Finland's only race & rock festival Seinäjoki Vauhtiajot turns 20 this year!

Summer Sound Festival 2023
21.-22.7.2023 The legendary Kaapelitehdas will be transformed into an electronic music spectacle for two days.

21.–23.7.2023 The Odysseus festival that conquers Lonna Island in July is served by We Love Jazz.

Mellakka Festival 
21.-22.7.2023 The highly popular Mellakka Festival held in Hämeenlinna's Linnanpuisto will be held for the fourth time.

Kuopiorock 2023
27.-29.7.2023 Savo's biggest rock festival turns 20 this year!

Saimaa Sounds Goes Metal 
28.7.2023 The most metallic park festival take place in Mikkeli in Mikkelipuisto.

28.-29.7.2023 Modern 2020 century music festival in Lahti.

AUGUST 2023 

Weekend Festival 2023
4.-5.8.2023 The most popular party of the summer return to the capital region, Vermo event park in Espoo. The artist coverage will include the top names in dance, rap and pop music.

Power Festival 
4.7.-5.8.2023  The festival lands in Järvenpää and offers visitors a wonderful setting in Järvenpää's beach park.

Dark River Festival 
10.-12.8.2023 Just the right size, Finland's most independent, personal and local metal festival is coming again. Experience Finland's most audience-friendly metal festival!

Hellsinki Metal Festival
11.-12.8.2023 Helsinki's heavy music offering gets more colorful when a completely new outdoor festival lands at Nordis, in the area of the Helsinki Jäähalli.

Himos Metal Festival
11.-12.8.2023 The Himos event area gets a heavier thump when the Himos Metal Festival, held for the second time, brings the front-line bands of rock and metal to the darkening nights of Central Finland.  

11.-12.8.2023  Hoodfest will be organized for the third time at the Kuopionlahti field. In its previous years, the legendary festival has gathered thousands of visitors from all over Finland to celebrate with the top names in domestic and foreign hip-hop.

Koiteli elää #suomenkauneinfestivaali 2023
11.-12.8.2023 #suomenkauneinfestivali returns to delight the summer events in Oulu!

Simerock 2023
11.-12.8.2023 Simerock turns 20 years old!

TAGi on POP 2023
11.-12.8.2023 For the first time, the festival will take place over 2 days at a familiar location, Tapiola Golf in Espoo.

Flow Festival 
11.-13.8.2023 Flow Festival, the Helsinki festival that started from its founders' passion for music and urban culture, has been organized since 2004. Flow has grown from an intimate club event into one of Europe's most interesting music and art festivals.

Rauma Blues 2023 Festival
12.8.2023 The festival is one of the top festivals in the international blues field.

18.-19.8.2023 Blockfest will take over Tampere's central again in August and bring the hottest and most interesting international and domestic artists to the city.

Tapiola festival
18.-19.8.2023 The Tapiola sports park in Espoo is buzzing when the city festival organized for the first time last year and immediately sold out returns. This year the area is bigger than last year and there are three platforms instead of two.

19.8.2023 Kyröfest is celebrated again in the grounds of the Kyrö distillery. Kyröfest offers a range of contemporary domestic music, wonderful dance works, distillery tours, tastings and workshops, tasty food and, of course, a very special selection of delicious rye cocktails flavored with love.

25.8.-26.8.2023 This year joy and love are on offer twice as much, when the festival, held for the fourth time, starts already on Friday, at the Höyhtyä shopping center in Oulu.

25.-26.8.2023 Located in the heart of nature, on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, the Festival brings to Pyynik a convincing and up-to-date coverage of top artist in indie and pop music as well as local services.

You can find all the tickets on the Tiketti festival site*, Edenred's ticket shop* or Ticketmaster's Edenred section*. If you are interested in other summer events in addition to festivals, take a look at the tips here.

P.S. Remember to pay your tickets with Edenred's Virike benefit! Check the instructions for buying tickets with Virike here.

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