Welcome to use your new Edenred benefits

Beneficiary guide

Start using your benefits

Congratulations, you have received Edenred's employee benefits! Here you'll find tips for the smooth implementation of your benefits.

1. Open MyEdenred

Download the free MyEdenred Finland mobile app from your app store. That way, the benefits are with you, wherever you are!

In MyEdenred you can:

  • Checks balance amount, payment transactions and balances expiring within 45 days
  • Make load requests for your benefit (depending on your employer)
  • Make Edenred Pay mobile payments (depending on the employment benefit)
  • Add your personal debit or credit card to use in Wolt payments
  • Transfer the balance with the MyChoice feature between different benefits (Virike, Transport, Massage & Wellbeing)
  • Edit your contact information (email, address, phone number) in the 'Profile' section
  • Search for places of use and send us tips for merchants
  • Temporarily close the lost payment card



2. Activate the card

  1. Open MyEdenred and choose to 'Activate card'
  2. Enter the serial number of the card 
    • Physical card: You will find the activation serial number on the back of the card (a series of 10 numbers next to the CVC code)
    • Virtual card: You can find the activation serial number in the email sent by Edenred
  3. Enter your social security number
    • Your personal benefit has been linked to your social security number by your employer
  4. Your card is now activated!

Already an Edenred user and have received a new benefit or renewed card?

Note! Each benefit has its own payment card, which must be activated separately (excl. Lounari and Virike, which work with the same Edenred card)


3. Register or log in

Once you have activated your card, you can proceed to create credentials or log in to MyEdenred.

  • Create new credentials if you are a new user or have changed employers
  • Log in with your existing credentials if you have received a new benefit or renewed card (e.g. to replace an expired one)


4. Add your card to Apple Pay or Google Wallet

After activation, you can add your virtual or physical cards to Apple Pay or Google Wallet. This is how you conveniently pay for your employee benefits services with your phone's contactless payment.

Add card to Apple Pay

Add card to Google Wallet

Mobile payments

Apple Pay and Google Pay open on the screen of two phones


Don't forget these steps!

Make a load request

Check with your employer whether you should make a load request or whether the balance will be automatically loaded into your account. If you need to make a request to get the balance, it can be done in MyEdenred.

  1. Open MyEdenred and select the benefit for which you are making a load request
  2. Select 'Request top-up' under the chosen benefit
  3. Select the amount of balance to be loaded and confirm the request
  4. The benefit is loaded into your MyEdenred account when your employer has approved the request

Activate the automatic request for Lounari

Lounari is a monthly benefit that is charged to your account at the beginning of each month. If you get to choose how much lunch benefit is loaded into your account, you can make a balance load request in MyEdenred.

Activate the automatic repeat function at the same time! In this way, the amount you choose is automatically loaded into your account, and you don't have to make a separate load request every month.

If you are not sure whether you need to make a balance load request, check with your employer.

 A young woman pushing weights at the gym

You are now ready

The preparations are now done, start your well-being journey!

We accompany you every step of the way. Learn about your new benefits, find merchants, explore offers (FIN) and check out our best tips for using your benefits.

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