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Get to know Edenred's services and start using the employee benefits!

The market leader in Finland

We are already trusted by more than 18,000 clients. Well-being belongs to everyone – regardless of the size of the company.

Comprehensive network

More than 30 000 places of use all over Finland – from Hanko to Utsjoki!

Long validity period

The general validity period of the Edenred's lunch benefit is 2 years, which is the longest on the market!

Modern payment methods

Our modern payment solutions cover Apple Pay and Google Pay, our own Edenred Pay mobile payment and the familiar, plastic-free payment card.

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Lunch benefit

The lunch benefit is Finland's most popular employee benefit and Edenred's lunch network the most extensive on the market. The lunch benefit can be used in lunch places, cafes and grocery stores all the way from Hanko to Utsjoki. In addition, the benefit covers delivery costs and works with Wolt.

The lunch benefit is up to 25 % tax-free and you can offer it to the staff on top of salary or as a lunch deduction.

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Sports and culture benefit

The sport and culture benefit is a well-being-promoting alternative to a salary increase. This popular and tax-free benefit offers almost unlimited possibilities of use all over Finland.

Whether it's online coaching, movie, theater, or concert tickets, equipment rental, ski tickets, museum tours, or gym membership, you can pay it effortlessly with Edenred Virike!

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Massage benefit

The tax-free massage benefit relaxes and restores employees while also preventing sick leave and stress. Offering the benefit is a profitable way to engage employees.

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Man on a massage table having a neck massage

Commuting benefit

The commuting benefit is an employee benefit offered in the same way as a salary increase. It is a choice that promotes the well-being of both the employee and the environment.

The commuting benefit is intended for the journey between the apartment and the workplace. However, the use of the ticket is not limited in terms of the number of trips or the time of day.

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Dental benefit

Dental care benefit is a cost-effective way to maintain the overall health of employees and stand out in the employer market.

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Bike benefit

The bike benefit is an employee benefit offered in the same way as a salary increase. It is a choice that promotes employee well-being and a step towards the company's environmental goals.

The bike benefit is a profitable way for the employer to support the employee's travel between home and work but also during free time.

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Delicard® gift cards

Show your appreciation in a unique way!

Delicard® guarantees a truly individual gift since each employee, customer, and partner gets to choose it themselves from our high-quality and versatile selection. The price also includes delivery of the package at the time chosen by the recipient.

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Edenred Delicard Gourmet, Moments ja Unlimited-lahjakortit kalliotaustan edessä.
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Download the guide: Taxation of employee benefits

Does the taxation of employee benefits seem complicated? We put together a clear guide for you!


Freedom of choice with MyChoice

All employees are different. While others are active or enjoy culture, others want to use more balance for massages, dental care, or public transport. This is possible with MyChoice.

The MyChoice feature allows transferring balance between Virike, Massage, Transport, and Dental. Employees can therefore use their benefits even more flexibly, however taking into account the maximum limits defined by the Tax Administration

Activating the feature is completely free of charge and can be done by contacting us.

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Easier benefit management with integration

We offer our customers ready-to-use system integration, which means less manual work, easier benefits management, and smoother information flow for you. It is available as a free standard package or as a customized solution.

The integration allows you to order cards and manage benefits directly through your own HR or payroll system. There is no need to make changes to the existing system - the information is transferred automatically!

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Vincit and freedom of choice with a comprehensive offer of benefits

Edenred's benefits, MyChoice, and extensive networks help Vincit offer its employees freedom of choice in a competitive IT industry.

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