For Mehiläinen, employee benefits are an important part of supporting personnel well-being

For Mehiläinen, employee benefits are an important part of supporting personnel well-being

"Edenred's strengths are really good customer service and easy, modern mobile payment methods"

Mehiläinen produces private social and health services in Finland and internationally. They have more than 30,000 personnel, and it is very important for them to take care of the employees' well-being. Employee benefits play an essential part in this mission.

Mehiläinen has been using Edenred's sports and culture benefit Virike since 2019. 

"Edenred immediately understood our needs. We chose Edenred in a situation where we wanted to get rid of the use of vouchers and enter the world of card payments," says Merja Vehmainen, director of Mehiläinen HR consulting.  

We needed to find an easy and modern way to offer employee benefits, and both Edenred's benefit selection and the Mastercard-based card fulfilled the wishes. The currently used mobile payments Edenred Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay have been a welcome direction of development. 

"We have been satisfied with the fact that Edenred has payment methods that support today´s needs. Nowadays we are using mobile payments"

Virike was the benefit that the staff wished for

Mehiläinen chose the Virike benefit because, in addition to sports, it enabled cultural offerings for employees. 

"The Virike benefit was a very welcome benefit among our staff. It is really important for us that the personnel feel well and recover and are active in their free time as well. With the Virike benefit, the staff has, for example, tried different sports together, such as bowling," says Vehmainen. 

At the moment, Mehiläinen's personnel use the Virike benefit about 80% for sports and 20% for culture. 

"We are happy that our staff use the benefit so much for exercise and taking care of themselves. Culture is also an important part of overall well-being."

Edenred has made supporting the well-being of Mehiläinen's more than 8,000 beneficiaries easy

Mehiläinen has more than 8,000 employees who use the Virike benefit. Therefore they needed a partner to offer employment benefits, whose customer service and technical capacity can easily and smoothly serve a large number of users.

"The technical functionality and ease of use are really important to us".

Mehiläinen has been satisfied with the fact that the level of service offered by Edenred has remained as good throughout the cooperation, even as the number of beneficiaries has increased.

"We have a clear structure in our cooperation and all the communication materials we have received from Edenred have been polished to the last detail. We have been really satisfied with our cooperation. I've even thought about how working and communicating with Edenred has been so easy." 

Mehiläinen is a service provider and client of Edenred's dental care benefit

When Edenred introduced a new dental care benefit to the market, Mehiläinen joined Edenred's network as a service provider and was among the first to order the benefit for its own employees.

"It was immediately obvious to us that we want to offer a dental care benefit to our own staff as well."

With the MyChoice feature found in Edenred's application, Mehiläinen's employees can now transfer their benefit balance from the Virike benefit to dental care if they wish. Oral health has been an important theme for health services provider Mehiläinen right from the start.

"Oral health is part of overall well-being and overall health. We therefore want to encourage our personnel to take care of regular dental checkups and the necessary dental care.”

Based on their experience, Vehmainen recommends Edenred as a provider of employee benefits for companies regardless of size.

"I definitely recommend Edenred. Edenred's strength is really good, fast and free customer service, support works very well - in addition to modern payment methods. We are a big company and it is really important that not all questions come directly to us. If, for example, employees are hoping for a new place of use, Edenred contacts and acts quickly, and soon the service provider can be found in the Merchant Search."

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