Edenred's benefit range, MyChoice and extensive networks help Vincit in the competitive IT industry

Edenred's benefit range, MyChoice and extensive networks help Vincit in the competitive IT industry

Vincit is an expert organisation consisting of top IT experts offering a wide range of digital services from software development and design to digital business solutions.  

Competition for good and skilled employees in the IT industry is fierce, and good employee benefits are already the default in the industry. That is why Vincit has wanted to invest in benefits. Vincit has access to all the benefits of Edenred's service range: lunch benefit Lounari, culture and sports benefit Virike, dental care benefit, massage benefit and transport benefit. 


"A couple of years ago, we conducted an extensive employee benefit survey, which highlighted how individual and different our employees' wishes are. We made the decision that we wanted to invest specifically in freedom of choice in employee benefits. Edenred offered just that," says Maija Moisio, people advisor at Vincit. 

Moisio is part of Vincit's People development team, whose task is to take care of the well-being of all Vincit employees and develop the employee experience. Vincit's investment in employer experience has borne fruit and has also received recognition. For several years, the company has won the Great Place To Work competition, which measures employer experience, in its own company size category. 

The MyChoice feature enabled flexible and individual use of benefits 

According to Moisio, customizable employee benefits are an essential part of the employee experience. Vincit has been particularly pleased with Edenred's MyChoice feature, which allows employees to transfer balances from one benefit to another according to their preferences, within the limits set by the Tax Administration. The feature enables flexible, individual and equal use of benefits for Vinciti employees. 

"It is important to us that our employees can fully use their benefits, regardless of their life situation, interests or where they live in Finland. That's how we can differentiate ourselves from the competition." 

Edenred's diverse range of benefits and extensive networks of places of use around Finland are important to Vincit  

When it became necessary for Vincit to develop the employee benefits package, the company already had benefits from Edenred. Vincit was satisfied with the cooperation and wanted to concentrate the benefits on Edenred, as the desired freedom of choice was best realised at Edenred, especially when Edenred's range of benefits expanded to also offer dental care benefits. 

Vincit currently has approximately 700 employees all over Finland and offices in several different cities. For this reason, Edenred's extensive network of places of use covering the whole of Finland was also important for the use of the benefits. 

HR integration makes Vincit's everyday life easier  

Vincit also uses HR integration provided by Edenred, which is connected to the company's own HR system. According to Moisio, automation in ordering benefits makes everyday life a lot easier. There is less manual work when employees' personal data is updated in near real time thanks to HR integration. 

Moisio is also satisfied with the mobile payment methods offered by Edenred, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

"In addition to being easy, mobile payments are modern from an ecological point of view, as it means fewer traditional, plastic cards." 

Moisio herself is a satisfied parade example of the versatile use of Edenred's benefits. Local transport tickets are taken care of with the Transport benefit, the Virike benefit covers for various sports hobbies and cultural events such as festivals or gig tickets, she goes to massages regularly and the lunch benefit is used almost daily – and now she is planning to book an appointment for a dental check-up with the dental care benefit. 

"I recommend Edenred because of its freedom of choice, diverse payment methods and extensive networks of places of use. We wanted freedom of choice, and that's what Edenred genuinely offered.”